7 Top Cafes and Bars in Surry Hills

7 Top Cafes and Bars in Surry Hills

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After a year of living in the inner city suburb of Surry Hills in Sydney, we thought it was time to spill the beans on our 7 top cafes and bars in what’s become our fave suburb in our great city.

If you’re looking for a cool spot in Sydney to eat and drink, Surry Hills has got you covered. With a diverse offering of bars, pubs, small bars, restaurants, cafes, bakeries and (our fave!) dessert bars, the area has something for everyone.

I’ll fess up, Victoria and I are both complete coffee snobs and we don’t like to cook. How does that help you? Well, it means that we’ve sampled pretty much every food offering in the area, making us a good authority on what’s hot and what’s not!

Here’s our 7 top cafes and bars in Surry Hills

Messina Gelato

OREOGASM – peanut gelato with oreo custard and crushed oreo biscuit. The perfect climax #oreogasm

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Since I’m in a fessing up kinda mood, I’ll admit that Messina is like our second home. Since we cut the booze out of our lives, (READ: 7 Things I learned from one year without alcohol) we’ve developed a bit of a sweet tooth. Where it used to be bubbles, Messina Gelato is now our guilty pleasure. Don’t be put off by the long line out the door, Gemma and the Crown St. crew (yes, we know the staff by name!) will have you in and out in no time. Trust me, the gelato is worth the wait.

With different specials each week, you’ve got a good reason to go back time and time again. They’ve got plenty of flavours to choose from and you can taste them first to help you make your decision. Our favourite is the salted caramel and The Boss’ Wife.

HOT TIP: Keep your eye on their Instagram page (@gelatomessina) to see what delish specials they are churning out each week.

Messina Gelato || 389 Crown Street, Surry Hills

Bourke Street Bakery

Living around the corner from a bakery has both pros and cons. Pro: Fresh bread and baked goods on hand anytime. Con: Fresh bread and baked goods on hand anytime. This place is an institution in the area and most days you’ll find tourists with Lonely Planets in hand, sitting out in the sun with a coffee and croissant looking happy as larry. And they’re definitely on to a good thing.

At the weekend it gets busy and it’s a tiny place so there will inevitably be a long line out the door and up the street. But, just like Messina up the road, they move through the queue quickly and the coffee and baked goods are so good that you’ll soon forget the wait.

I love their almond croissants and their vegetarian sausage rolls are a treat. Of course, if you’re a meat eater, there’s an epic range of pies and sausage rolls for you to salivate over.

Bourke Street Bakery || 633 Bourke St, Surry Hills

Via Napoli Pizzeria

Best pizza outside of Italy. Fact. Big call I know, but these guys are in fact Italian and the place is jammed all the time…because they make the best pizza ever.

Their service is super efficient so if you’re waiting for a table don’t stress, it won’t be long before you’re sat down enjoying the energetic ambiance and tucking in to a metre of Italian pizza. Yes, pizza is served by the metre here! Via Napoli is a great place to celebrate a birthday; the crew do the best rendition of happy birthday you’ll ever experience! Give them a heads up if you have a birthday in your group so they can make them feel super special.

Did I mention that they make the best pizza ever? Get your butt there and tell me it’s not!

Via Napoli Pizzeria || 628 Crown St, Surry Hills

Artificer Specialty Coffee Bar & Roastery

7 Top Cafes and Bars in Surry Hills
Soaking up some sun and the best coffee in Surry Hills

We rave about these guys to anyone who’ll listen. As soon as we touch down in Sydney after a stint away travelling we always make a beeline to Artificer. Why? Because these guys do coffee REALLY well. In fact, coffee is the only thing they do, and they’ve mastered that shiz. Whether you’re looking for a cold drip or some exotic beans, Artificer is guaranteed to rock your coffee snob socks off. To top the whole experience off, the guys are always playing some kick ass tunes.

Artificer Specialty Coffee Bar & Roastery || 547 Bourke St, Surry Hills

Reuben Hills

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If you love a bearded hipster or two, Reuben Hills is the place to go in Surry Hills. But the hipsters aren’t the only good thing about this place. The coffee is up there as one of our faves in Sydney and the breakfast is pretty damn good too. As you guys know, we LOVE a good brekkie and this place is known for it’s menu!

Check out their signature dish, Really fucking great fried chicken, it’s meant to be finger licking good!

Reuben Hills || 61 Albion Street, Surry Hills

The Winery

As we don’t drink alcohol anymore, we haven’t visited this place as much in the past year. But, if you like a tipple or two and are looking for a nice place to have a drink, The Winery is the spot to hit up in Surry Hills. They’ve got an extensive cocktail list and they do one of the best Bloody Marys I’ve ever had. Served in a pint glass with more Tabasco and Worcestershire Sauce than you can shake a celery stick at. Perfecto!

The Winery || 285A Crown St, Surry Hills

White Taro Cafe

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These guys are new to the area, and we reckon they’re going to be a big hit in the neighbourhood. Why? Because they’ve mixed our two favourite things together… BREAKFAST with a VIETNAMESE twist! Yep, it’s love. We went with Wild Mushrooms Eggs Benedict and it was pretty tasty. This may be TMI but for me, Eggs Bennie is a dish I can’t normally order because the hollandaise sauce makes me sick. White Taro however have got their Hollandaise just right, not too rich and not too much of it. So stoked!

White Taro have a signature Deconstructed Banh Mi that has us drooling, but unfortunately they don’t have a vegetarian version for us. However if we ever do go back to meat, it’ll be one of the first things I try!

White Taro || 67 Albion Street Surry Hills

With more bars, restaurants and cafes than you can poke a stick out, we know we haven’t covered all that Surry Hills has goin’ on! Comment below and let us know where your favourite place is in Surry Hills!

Our 7 top cafes and bars in Surry Hills has got a bit of everything for everyone, so, bring an empty stomach, some cash and your mates and get to it! Looking for the best vegetarian options in Sydney? Check this out 8 Best Vegetarian Restaurants in Sydney

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