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A Perfect Day: Christmas in Sri Lanka

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Merry Christmas from Sri Lanka! After being in this beautiful country for 10 days we’re completely sold. It’s everything we wanted it to be and was definitely the perfect place to spend some down time over the festive season. So far we’ve spent most of our time relaxing, surfing, eating and generally chilling out.

Our Christmas Day started out with stockings filled with goodies that we’d bought with us from Elaina’s parents…Thai sweet chilli peanuts for breakfast? Don’t mind if I do! With it being the first rainy day we’ve had we took the opportunity to hang out at our awesome place where we’ve pitched up for the week, Blue Wave Guesthouse in Weligama. This gem was found on Airbnb and we love it. Shabby chic, right on the beach, friendly staff who’ll do anything for you and the best place we’ve stayed so far. We even woke up to a Chrissy presents from them outside our door. Mossie bite balm and Sri Lankan coffee…perfect!

We ventured out in search of lunch and came across another amazing find, Sea Wive Roti Shop. Yes, I think the name may have got lost in translation somewhere but their rotis more than make up for it. Three veggie rotis and a banana chocolate roti all washed down with a king coconut…perfect hangover cure (Christmas Eve Jenga + beer + G & Ts were to blame!). Our love affair with Sri Lankan rotis is sure to continue with this place on our doorstep.

After the Christmas tradition of an afternoon nap we went for a quick surf and then indulged in a Christmas dinner of beer, popcorn, hummus and homemade bread. And why not?! On the day that it’s acceptable to eat chocolate for breakfast, or in our case Thai sweet chilli peanuts, anything goes.

We’d made a decision to unplug from social media and the outside world for the duration of our trip which has been refreshing…until today when we made an exception to wish everyone Merry Christmas and talk to our families on FaceTime. Isn’t technology amazing. You can be thousands of miles away from the people you love yet still get to see them and feel like you’re part of the action back home on Christmas Day!

So as today draws to a close and we’re reflecting on 2013 and everything we’re grateful for…and there is so much! I’m grateful for the love of my life, my family, my friends, my health and everything in between. It’s been a crazy year but I wouldn’t change a thing. Here’s to the future. It’s so exciting to think about the year ahead and where we’ll be this time next year.

Merry Christmas everyone, with lots of love from Sri Lanka…

Victoria xxx

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