21 Jobs for People Who Love To Travel


21 JOBS FOR PEOPLE WHO LOVE TO TRAVEL Since the launch of our recent e-book, How To Quit Your Job and Travel the World, we’ve been inundated with messages from you guys. We’ve heard some seriously cool stories from you about how you’re earning money as you travel and so we thought it would be […]


Your Kick Ass Travel Budget Calculator

So you’ve decided you want to travel more and work less, but there’s one thing holding you back. Money! Or should I say lack-of-money? With this in mind, we’ve created Your Kick Ass Travel Budget Calculator to help you get your finances in order.   There are a few tried and tested strategies in our […]

Las Vegas Ultimate Date Night Destination

Las Vegas: The Ultimate Date Night Destination

I know what you’re thinking, Las Vegas is nothing more than a haven for wild bucks parties, getting wasted (and getting married!) and a bunch of suckers gambling away their life savings. Sure, in some cases that is completely true…BUT it can also be the ultimate date night destination! Don’t believe me? Read on! On […]


17 Photos to Inspire You to Visit Port Douglas

Between two of the most beautiful World Heritage locations – the Great Barrier Reef and the Daintree Rainforest – is a little place called Port Douglas. A picture perfect paradise that you’ll want to consider for your next tropical holiday. To help you get in to holiday planning mode, here are 17 photos to inspire […]

7 Top Cafes and Bars in Surry Hills

7 Top Cafes and Bars in Surry Hills

After a year of living in the inner city suburb of Surry Hills in Sydney, we thought it was time to spill the beans on our 7 top cafes and bars in what’s become our fave suburb in our great city. If you’re looking for a cool spot in Sydney to eat and drink, Surry […]


Top 8 Things To Do In Changi Airport Singapore

We’ve just booked our flights to Singapore and I’m already thinking about arriving at one of my favourite airports in the world! We fly in and out of Singapore airport all the time and one thing I know for sure is this place doesn’t stand still. Every time we fly in there’s something new to […]


72 Hours as Reality TV Stars [VIDEO]

The Freedom Travellers take on the Chengdu Challenge! Ever wondered what it would feel like to be a reality TV star? No? Neither had we! Believe it or not being featured on TV is definitely not one of my life goals. As an introvert, being the focus of attention is not my idea of a […]

Travellers Reveal Their Most Loved and Hated Destinations Around the World

Travellers Reveal Their Most Loved and Hated Destinations Around the World

When you travel the world something funny happens. You fall in love with the most unexpected places and the ones you think you’re going to love, are sometimes underwhelming. We’ve now got a long list of destinations we loved…and also some we hated! We take recommendations from people all the time, that’s how we roll. We […]

New travellers guide what you need to know before you go

New Travellers Guide: What you need to know before you go!

Thinking about taking the plunge, packing your bag and travelling around the world? But when you really start thinking about it, the prospect of the unknown freaks you out a bit? If you’re thinking about heading off on an adventure we’re guessing this scenario may sound familiar. You’re super excited to go…but all those ‘what […]

Milford Sound Fly Cruise Day Trip in Photos

Milford Sound Fly Cruise Day Trip in Photos

Milford Sound has to be one of the most picturesque places on the planet. If you’ve ever seen Lord of the Rings, images of this breathtaking scenery as featured in the movie are something to behold in real life. Now there’s an incentive to visit this place, to get your Gandalf on! When Vic and […]

Top 25 ultimate travel experiences on the planet

Top 25 Ultimate Travel Experiences On The Planet

Looking for the top 25 ultimate travel experiences on the planet? Victoria and I  have worked out that between us we’ve been fortunate enough to have lived, worked, and partied in 37 different countries on this friggin’ amazing place that is planet Earth! Some we’ve traveled to solo, some we’ve been to together and others are sitting […]


14 Things We Loved and Hated About China

China is home to over 1.3 billion people. When we were invited to visit the world’s most populous country we were pretty damn excited! Vic had never been before so I was excited to see her reactions to China…it can have an interesting effect on people. The prospect of seeing the pandas, checking out weird, […]

top 5 travel destinations 2016

Top 5 Travel Destinations for 2016

2015 was an epic year of travel for us. We visited China, Indonesia, Taiwan and New Zealand to name just a few. I’m already daydreaming about the awe-inspiring destinations that we’ll discover in 2016. Since neither Vic or I are planners, our next travel destination is always a surprise. Where will we go? No one knows! Not […]

10 Best Travel Experiences of 2015

10 Best Travel Experiences of 2015

2015 has proved an interesting year for us, full of surprising life changes! This year Victoria and I committed to a couple of life-changes. We gave up booze for the year. Yep, that’s right we haven’t drunk a drop of alcohol for the whole year. We decided to get fit and healthy, which meant we […]

11 Photos to inspire you to self drive south island new zealand

11 Photos to Inspire You to Self Drive South Island

Daydreaming about where to go for your next overseas adventure? We’ve got the perfect place for you. On our last 2-week campervan trip around the South Island of New Zealand, we captured some breathtaking views. This part of New Zealand is jam-packed with natural beauty from snow-capped mountains to glacial lakes, endless beaches and wildlife […]