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Best Ever Holiday Locations

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It’s no secret that we love to travel. We’re always on the hunt to find an awesome new destination to discover and our fellow travel bloggers are too! We asked them what their favourite all-time holiday location has been. Want to hear the results? We do too!

For our latest ‘Best Of’ post here are their top locations from around the globe. Hold on to your passports and get ready to book your next flight to one of the Best Ever Holiday Locations!

Safari in Sri Lanka

Elephants in Sri Lanka

When we were on the hunt for a hot new location in Asia, a few people suggested we visit Sri Lanka. Not really knowing much about the country, we jumped on their recommendation anyway and booked it. With a month to spend there, we experienced a bunch of different activities and visited some amazing places, but the one that got us the most excited was going on safari. Did you know that Sri Lanka has the highest density of elephants in Asia? No? Neither did we!

We visited Sri Lanka in December and due to it being monsoonal, Udawalawe National Park was the best park to visit for that time of year. Udawalawe National Park is one of the top three parks in the country. We decided to get all fancy and go ‘glamping’ (translation: glamorous camping). For all you self proclaimed non-campers out there, this is definitely one for you. From private custom built tent accommodation with fully functioning bathroom with shower, to decadent Sri Lankan food that’ll have your mouth watering until long after your holiday has ended, this experience didn’t disappoint! The best part? We had our very own private jeep and personal safari guide who helped us spot loads of wildlife, including jungle cats, monkeys, mongoose, crocs, dancing peacocks, fresh leopard tracks, jackals, buffaloes, monitors, boar, spotted deer… and a whole lot of elephants.

I’ve never been to Africa, but the rumour is that Sri Lanka tops it as is the best place in the world to see elephants!

Elaina – The Freedom Travellers


Jezersko Valley in Slovenia


If you’re an avid hiker and prefer to discover new and less known places, then put the Jezersko valley in Slovenia on your radar. The valley is nested between the Kamnik Savinja Alps and is only one-hour drive from Ljubljana.

Expect vivid green meadows, tiny villages with churches on top of the hills, herds of calm sheep wondering around, a local herbalist who will let you experience his small kingdom of tea alchemy, thrilling views of the mountains where even in summer you’ll spot snow on the top and get ready for tasting some very particular local filling dishes.

The Jezersko Valley in Slovenia is a place to recharge, to clear your thoughts and lungs with clear air of the Alps and the herbal fragrance of sunny meadows.

Ivana – Nomad is Beautiful


Nozawa Onsen, Japan

Nozawa Onsen

Nozawa Onsen is named after the many hot springs found there. It is a traditional Japanese village that happens to have the most amazing powder skiing and boarding. The village is a web of winding cobble stone streets, lanterns fluttering and the smell of beautiful food wafting through the air. The backdrop of the Mt Kenashi-yama (Mt No Hair) and the long slopes coming down, make it magical a place.

On piste, there are many traditional Japanese cafes. What we have found in Nozawa Onsen is that the villagers are very welcoming people which creates an excellent atmosphere. Off piste, there are many traditional Japanese cafes, so you win in the food stakes every time in Nozawa Onsen.

It is the combination of the deep powder, the excellent food the super hot onsens and the friendly people that keeps everyone coming back here.

Paula & Gordon – Contented Traveller


Bora Bora, French Polynesia

Bora Bora Holiday

One of our ultimate favorite holiday destinations was the tiny island of Bora Bora in French Polynesia. We’ve all seen the pictures of Bora Bora – the clear blue water and fine white sand, the overwater bungalows stretching out like fingers across the shallow water, the palm trees swaying in the breeze.

You might wonder if that’s only what it looks like in pictures, but I can tell you it’s an incredibly accurate picture. There are plenty of things to in Bora Bora if you’re not a sun worshiper, like swimming with manta rays, snorkeling at a coral reef, island cruises and jeep safaris. Yes, it’s an expensive trip, but what you’re paying for is a remote slice of paradise.

Laura – Savored Journeys


Matera, Basilicata


It was on my first holiday to Puglia, Italy that I first heard of the great ancient city of Matera.

The city of caves and stone buildings is now very famous as the filming location of Mel Gibson’s ‘Passion of the Christ’, but before hand the city in the Basilicata region of the south has had a long and almost forgotten period of neglect.

It made for a great day trip whilst my partner was showing me her home region, and I’ll forever recommend that people not only travel and walk around the stone-based city, but also to spend the night in one of the ancient caves in which many people used to not only live, but also share with their livestock.

In one cave that now serves as a replica of how things used to look you’ll see that one singular cave would have been split between a family and their goats or chickens who lived behind a partition screen.

Dale – Angloitalian


Stockholm, Sweden


Our best ever holiday location is Stockholm in Sweden. This city is beautiful, full of attractions and has an interesting history. However, the thing that made it the best ever holiday destination for us, as a travelling family, was just how kid friendly it is. Kids are welcome everywhere and so well catered for – even at more adult focused museums. Just about every attraction we went to had something for kids. It was such a treat for my husband and I to get to enjoy looking around museums without any kids distracting us as they were so happy with their kid activities.

Even if you aren’t travelling with kids, I am sure you will enjoy Stockholm. It’s got something for everyone with a beautiful old town, the awesome Vasa Museum and even a museum of spirits.

Sharon – Where’s Sharon


Dry Tortugas National Park, Florida, USA

 Dry Tortugas National Park

My best every holiday vacation was four days camping in Dry Tortugas National park. Fort Jefferson was visible on the horizon. I stood on the deck and watched my campsite come closer. Dry Tortugas is about 70 miles west of Key West in the Gulf of Mexico. From 10 am to 3 pm, the ferry brings between 50-75 tourists to the island every day. The rest of the day the island has between 2 and 16 campers and is surrounded by the sounds of nature.

During the day, I went snorkeling in the calm warm waters and along the sea wall. The late afternoons were spent exploring historic Fort Jefferson. It is a Civil War Era fort that was used as Yankee prison after the war. At night the island has two sources of artificial light: a light on the ferry dock, and one outside the ranger quarters. The skies are usually clear making it a star gazing playground. At the end of my four days, I wasn’t sure I wanted to return to life.

Jennifer – Made all the Difference Travel Blog


San Blas Islands, Caribbean


Jonathan and I have been traveling for more than 2 years now but the most memorable holiday for us was our 5-day sailing trip from Panama to Colombia via San Blas Islands. On our 4th day of Sailing, after a burrito and salad lunch, while everyone was chilling out on the boat, Jonathan paddled me out to the island in the dinghy and we took a walk along the beach to take some photos. We sat down on a big driftwood tree, and that’s when he gave me the ring we bought while on a press trip in Istria, Croatia just a week before and asked me to marry him. We all celebrated with some drinks on the deck and chilled out again until we were ready to start the long journey to Cartagena and set sail that night. We would love to go to the Caribbean again some day. One of our friends has even recommended we stay in a villa in St Barts – take a look here: There really are some absolutely gorgeous places to stay out there.

KachTwo Monkeys Travel Group


South Africa


Choosing the best ever holiday location is surely not an easy task for a travel blogger, after visiting dozens of destinations in the last few months. However, some of them shine like a diamond for a reason.

That’s the case of South Africa. Fifteen days there and I came back to my base itching to go back, completely in love with the country and its people.

Hip urban areas like Joburg, idillic cities as the Cape and places I would move to right now like Durban competing with stunning landscapes and safari ready spots every few miles.

I might be the luckiest girl in this planet but you can feel the same if you drop yourself in South Africa. It will be epic, I promise you.

Inma & Jose – A World to Travel


Åland Islands

Åland Islands

My favourite vacation destination so far is the Åland Islands, an archipelago located between Sweden and Finland. Even though the Åland Islands are a part of Finland, the official language is Swedish.

The Åland Islands consists of approx. 35 inhabited islands, 6,500 uninhabited islands, and many rocky reefs. I’ve been there this summer and I’m dying to go back during winter.

One of the many things worth mentioning about the Åland Islands is how pretty everything is. From the pink roads that can take you everywhere to the triangular storage places that compose the most astonishing scenery.

You need more than just a few days if you want to fully immerse yourself in the Åland Islands, but if you don’t have that much time I strongly recommend places like Jurmo in Brändö, the beaches in Eckerö, Kobba Klintar and the capital Mariehamn for its incredible fusion of nature and civilisation.

Marcela – Fotostrasse


Impromptu New Brunswick Road Trip


One of our best vacations actually happened on a whim. With an upcoming long weekend, and no real plans, we decided to take an impromptu road trip, from Toronto to Hopewell Rocks, in New Brunswick. For those who are familiar with Canadian geography, this isn’t just a daytrip. At over 3000 km there and back we had quite the drive and only three days to do it in, but decided we’d play it by ear and stop wherever the mood called.

We spent three days driving through amazing eastern Canadian landscapes, taking turns at the wheel while the other slept in the back of the SUV. We’d pull over at truck stops when neither of us could stay awake, brush our teeth with a water bottle beside our car, and only showered the one night we stayed in a hotel… and it was one of the most incredible trips.

We found local gems, pulled off the highway at random to follow signs like “the world’s longest covered bridge” and backtracked to buy sticky buns we were told we couldn’t miss. We even managed to play wildlife bingo as we spotted moose, deer, porcupine, and some fairly odd-looking species of bird we dubbed “the pigeurky” (a pigeon-turkey cross). We made it to Hopewell Rocks, saw it at high-tide and walked along the ocean’s floor at low-tide, and even though the majority of the trip was spent driving, we had one of the most relaxing times making some of our favourite memories together.

Carolann & Macrae – One Modern Couple


Spotting Orangutangs!

mother and baby orangutans

I took a two day hiking trip on the Island of Sumatra (Bukit Lawang) Indonesia with one night in the jungle to spot the Orangutangs. After just one hour walking, we had our first sighting of an Orangutang. I felt really excited! They are rehabilitated back into the jungle but are still familiar with humans. This first Orangutang didn’t come close, but later on in the trip we had some great close encounters with them. It felt great to see them back in their natural habitat, some even had a small baby with them. Such a great experience!

Jacomijn – Safe and Healthy Travel


So there you have it, 12 of the best ever holiday locations from around the world! Got a destination you absolutely loved? Comment below and tell us why we should go there!

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  1. Wow, Nozawa Onsen looks insanely cold. You’d really need those hot springs after trekking through the snow. I think I’ll stick with the warm-weather destinations! 🙂 Great post. I want to do a safari in Sri Lanka!

    1. We hear you Laura! As much as we love Japan and their epic mountains, onsens, ski fields and food… we’d take a warm-weather destination any day of the week! You should definitely check out Sri Lanka. Lots of great food, lovely people and amazing things to do and see!!

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