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Booze free in 2015!

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The Freedom Travellers Hello Sunday Morning HSMWhen we made the decision to quit alcohol in 2015 we weren’t really sure what we were in for. Initially it was a decision to stay off the booze for a couple of months in the New Year. Pretty achievable goal right?! But then, we stumbled across something which made us change our thinking completely and commit to 12 months with absolutely NO ALCOHOL!

So what is this all about we hear you cry…?! Well, we’ve joined Hello Sunday Morning. A movement created to help people improve their relationship with alcohol. When we read about it and saw how many other people were making positive changes in their lives we thought it was an awesome idea. So why not we said, why not make a year of it and go booze free in 2015!?

We definitely had good reason to make this lifestyle change. Since we quit our day jobs last year you could say we’ve been burning the candle at both ends somewhat. Running our own business and heaps of travel naturally means many opportunities to enjoy a cold beer or two here and there. We were finding ourselves in more and more situations where having a drink was just the normal thing to do. Very socially accepted and sometimes even expected from many people.

Now over 2 weeks in we are slowly getting used to life without a glass of wine. Since making the change we’ve actually discovered drinking was much more of a habit than we even realised, which is quite confronting to be honest.

The Freedom Travellers Alcohol FreeAs a society we associate so many things with having a drink. Holidays, birthdays, weddings, Fridays, a sunny afternoon, a stressful day, catching up with friends, dinners out, the lounge at the airport, on the plane…the list goes on. And then there’s the utter shock and horror from people when you tell them you’re not drinking. We’ve had lots of people support our decision but on the flip side there are people who almost take it personally that we won’t be enjoying a drink with them. “But why?!” they cry, not understanding your choice, feeling personally insulted that you will no longer partake in a cheeky champagne or two with them. No matter how much you reassure your social circle that things won’t need to change, they inevitably do.

It’s almost like the Universe knew we were going to make this decision as we’re meeting more and more awesome people who choose not to drink for whatever reason. We’re not alone in our decision to form a healthier relationship with alcohol and that’s a great feeling! Our most challenging few days have been since we arrived in New Zealand on our first overseas trip for 2015. Away from any kind of routine the reasons to crack open a cold one are even more prevalent.

We’re staying strong though…using the time to revel in hangover free mornings to get out and explore more. We are happy cooking a nice meal and then using our RV GPS system to cruise down to Queenstown in our campervan after a 4 hour hike along Rob Roy’s Glacier Track to bungee jumping over the Kawarau River and White Water Rafting at 8am on a Sunday morning, the things you can experience in New Zealand are awesome. Without a hangover and therefore being able to charge our phones from the rv batteries and drive off, they are even better! We’ve even survived a hens party and a wedding since we’ve been here…sparkling water all the way!

The Freedom Travellers Climb South Island New ZealandBesides our clear heads, we’ve also experienced so many other benefits despite being only 3 weeks in to this journey. The extra cash in our pockets to do all the fun stuff is pretty nice plus we have heaps more energy too! Not to mention our clothes feeling a little looser thanks to dropping a few kilos…nutritional cleansing + no drinking is a winning combo for that. Did you know the average person who abstains from alcohol for a year will lose 5 to 10 kilos, just from quitting the booze…nothing else!

So we’ll keep you updated on our progress and how we’re doing as the year progresses. We’d love to hear from any of you who’ve done the same thing and we like to hope that we’ve inspired some of you to take some time out from the grog! If you’re keen, check out and join over 30,000 other peeps who are doing the same.

Our 2015 is going to be full of new adventures and productivity. With big goals set out we are confident that our decision to kick alcohol to the kerb is the right one for us.

Thanks for your support freedom lovers!

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