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Caravan Accessories: The Most Popular In Australia

Attention, all caravanners: when it comes to caravan accessories, do you ever find yourself paralysed by the options? There are so many accessories available for both the caravan’s interior and exterior. It can be hard to know what’s important and what’s just icing on the…well, caravan. Perhaps we can help you find what you want. Here is just a sample of some of the most popular caravan accessories in Australia.

How will you deck your caravan out?

  1. Awning sunscreen
    Before you ask: no, this is not sunscreen to rub into the awnings. That would make no sense, especially considering that awnings do not have organic skin. No, when we say ‘sunscreen’, we mean a literal screen…that provides shade from the sun. Hence the compound word. What a random and confusing homonym.

Why invest in an awning sunscreen? For a passive accessory, it does take up a fair chunk of space. Well, depending on the weather conditions—and how much you value privacy—this may be a worthwhile way to fill that chunk of space. The awning sunscreen provides extra shade and privacy, protects your caravan from light showers, and is actually easier to set up than an annex. There are sunscreens available for both the front and side of your caravan. These may just come in handy on your next summer getaway!

  1. Portable toilet
    If your caravan is without bathroom basics—and the thought of digging a hole doesn’t fly with you—then a portable toilet may just be a wise investment. Portable toilets are great because they provide a palatable solution for when you’re camping somewhere without plumbing. Sometimes, a pit toilet just won’t do!

Besides the obvious matter of hygiene and comfort, portable toilets have other perks, too. They will not attract flies—and, by extension, your exposed behind will not be an open dinner buffet for mosquitos. They are better for the environment, your sense of privacy, and sometimes, even your dignity. Plus, they may just give new campers that kick up the bum (heh) to try camping.

  1. Ensuite/shower tent

If your caravan lacks a portable toilet, chances are it doesn’t have a shower, either. Enter the ensuite or shower tent! Just because these tents are collapsible doesn’t mean they’re going to contain a fold-out bathroom complete with plumbing. In fact, ‘ensuite’ is probably too fancy a word for this setup. No, the ensuite or shower tents are just that: tents, but you can add heatable bags of water to the ceiling in order to simulate a shower. These tents also make great changing rooms, if you want some extra privacy.

Warm your shower with the Smarttek Hot Water and Shower Kit from Cub Campers.

  1. Camp chairs

If you’re camping, outdoor chairs are a must, yes? We’re not averse to sitting on the grass, but it can be more comfortable to kick back with some back support—or a stubby holder.

camp chair
Ah, yes—a stubby holder. That’s our kind of camp chair.

Chair preferences are highly subjective. What makes you a happy camper? Perhaps look out for something affordable that packs flat (in the interests of storage). What else would you look for in a camp chair? We’re thinking of things like good back support, armrests, headrests, and durability. Feel free to steal these pointers from us.

  1. Mattress topper
    Throughout the making of caravans, comfort can be an afterthought. After all, they’re designed to provide utilitarian, base-level accommodation. Oftentimes, this comes at the cost of a good mattress. They’re often made from foam, or they can be excessively springy.

Enter the mattress topper. An extra layer can make a world of difference. And if it lets you get some better beauty sleep on the road, then why not invest in one?

T mattress topper or three
This would be even better with a mattress topper or three.

Get exploring

These five items are just a sample of what you can add to your caravan. The bathroom amenities mentioned can be a lifesaver for people who can’t do without their daily showers. Accessories can also make your trip more comfortable and for very little setup. Sometimes, improving your trip can be as easy as 1-2-3!

We encourage you to explore the world of camper trailer accessories. You’ll be sure to find what you need depending on your preferences and needs. Happy camping!

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