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Factors to Consider When Planning a Wedding in Bali

Bali is a glamorous province in Indonesia that many couples pick for the ultimate wedding event and as a honeymoon destination. The region features a clear scenic blue sea and attractive landscapes that are perfect wedding decorations. If you are planning to wed under the natural and alluring Balinese beauty, here are crucial things you should know. 

Plan Early

If you want to have the perfect wedding in Bali, it is critical to start planning it early. You want to reserve the date and location in advance because Bali is a popular location that books fast. The ideal time to place your booking is at least 12 months before your wedding day. Doing so gives you enough time to invite your guests and prepare. 

Planning a wedding can be a difficult task, and you do not want to do it hurriedly. Having sufficient time to plan allows you to focus on other crucial details. 

Pick the Right Season

Bali is a humid and warm island that experiences a unique rainy season. Consider the weather before choosing your wedding date. Many couples would love to wed on a sunny bright day as opposed to a rainy, dull, and cold day. The rainy season in Bali falls between October to March. Still, downpours in Bali hardly last more than two hours. 

If you do not mind the rain, then you can schedule your wedding for any season. When comparing Bali wedding packages you should know that prices for services, celebration venues, and accommodation are high during the peak season. 

The peak season in Bali falls between June to August and during Christmas and New Year. If you are working on a budget, then you may want to schedule your wedding during the shoulder or low season. The low season in Bali falls between January to June and September to December. 

Choose the Venue

There are numerous venues in Bali that you may want to try. For example, you can choose to have your wedding along the beach or in a luxury villa. If you do not live in Bali, then you will want to travel to the city to look out for locations. 

Remember, you will also want to scout for accommodation for you and your guests. The venue you choose will determine the kind of service you will get. Finding a venue in advance helps you to work on the catering process in advance to ensure both you and your guests are content. 

It is worth mentioning that Catholic priests can only marry couples inside a Catholic church. If you plan to have a Catholic wedding event in Bali, you may want to start looking for an ideal Catholic Church venue.

The Banjar fee

The Banjar fee is a certain amount that couples pay to acquire permission to have your Balinese wedding in a villa. You pay this standard fee to the Banjar or local village community. What this means is that the Banjar will beware of massive traffic and extra noise affecting the locals. 

The local Banjar determines the amount you pay, and you should consult when booking a wedding villa. Apart from the Banjar fee, the Villa will also charge you for the event. Event charges vary from one venue to the other. 

Engage a Wedding Planner

Planning a wedding can be challenging, especially, if you are doing it outside Bali. In this case, you can opt to hire a wedding planner in Bali to help you handle some crucial details like the necessary paperwork. 

Professional wedding planners will recommend the best caterers, music, venue, and entertainers you should work with. All you should do is tell them your expectations and wait for the results.  


Whether you live in Bali or are planning a wedding from overseas weddings come with various challenges. Consider these tips to ease the process and create a memorable experience.




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