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A wide number of options are there when it comes to visiting Bogota. As expected, the weather is not the strong point of the city. By planning seven days there, we harvest seven days of freshness mixed with rain. The land of clouds has chosen its capital well.

We won’t go so far as to say that we loved Bogota, but we also don’t regret our visit. Without being beautiful, the megalopolis has some attractions. While traveling, you can make use of the Vacation Rental Bogota now.

La Candelaria: the old center of Bogota

Bogota is the story of a city whose population only exploded very recently. In a hundred years, it has gone from one hundred and forty-four thousand inhabitants to eight million, which still represents a multiplication by (noise of calculator) fifty-five. Welcoming all of them was too big a challenge to give the authorities time to take care of the aesthetics of the city or to absorb the number of vehicles growing on the roads.

One district stands out from the others: the historic district, called La Candelaria. We find there the old churches left by the Spanish colonization as well as the great majority of the monuments of the city. Bogota almost looks like a European capital.

La Candelaria district in BogotaLaCandelaria district in Bogota

The emblematic street in the center is Carrera 7. This large pedestrianized street acts as a stage for dozens of dancers, singers or street comedians, as well as an open-air market for street vendors. It leads to Bolivar Square, surrounded by large official buildings and constantly covered with a carpet of visitors and pigeons (the animal, not the tourist). We meet our first Latin American llamas there, but the poor are only here to satisfy the pigeons’ thirst for selfies.

Bolivar Square in Bogota, Colombia

In another square, there is a large group of patient men standing, looking idle. In fact, they are just waiting for the customer, their pockets full of Colombian emeralds, considered to be the purest in the world. We made inquiries for you, they are really not cheap: count several hundred dollars for a very small stone on the black market.

Further north in the Candelaria district, the pompous buildings fade to give way to calm and colorful streets, with a few well-maintained period houses.

BogotaLaCandelaria district in Bogota

A little higher, we arrive at the PlazoletaChorro de Quevedo and its bohemian district, made up of rather surprising little alleys in this megalopolis. However, it is not advisable to walk there too late at night.

La Candelaria, Bogota, Colombia

What we love about this neighborhood are the frescoes, which seem to have always existed. However, they did not really spread on the walls of Bogota until 2013 thanks to. Justin Bieber, the Canadian singer. Until then, graffiti was totally prohibited and had even cost the life of a young Colombian graffiti artist, shot dead by the police. Then this brave Justin arrived and, under police escort, proudly tagged one of the ugliest graffiti in history – a cannabis leaf with a Canadian flag in the center. The youth of Bogota demanded accountability. “Why would he be allowed to paint horrors and we wouldn’t have the right to create freely?

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