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Fine Boat Renting Options You Can Now Choose For

Renting a boat in Malta is easier than ever. There are more and more providers where you can rent a boat without much fuss, both for a longer boating holiday and for a day trip on the water. There is a huge choice of vessels, from sloops and luxury pleasure boats to sailing yachts and catamarans.

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Boat Rent Solutions

You can also rent a boat outside the Dutch water borders. Nowadays you can go for this all over the world, but especially in the south of Europe there are excellent places to get on the water by boat. Would you rather not be behind the wheel yourself? No problem! In many places you can rent a boat with a skipper, so you do not need a driving skills or a navigation license.

It is not without reason that a boating holiday is becoming increasingly popular among. Taking a boat out on the water gives a wonderful feeling of freedom, because you can moor wherever you want. When you have seen it, you choose the open sea again. When renting a boat you have the benefits of a boating holiday, but not the costs, such as maintenance. Do you want to test your sea legs before your next vacation? Here you will find 8 tips for renting a boat. The options for boat rentals in Malta  is perfect there.

Profile your ideal boat

Before you rent a boat, think about what kind of boating holiday you have in mind. Do you want a boat for a day trip alone, or a yacht for a longer holiday abroad? Do you want to sail on a lake, a river or the sea? A yacht for lakes, pools and channels is not suitable for the sea, and vice versa. How many people are coming and what is your budget? Do you want to hang lazily on the deck, or do you want to sail from one port town to the next? If you put all this in a row first, it will be a lot easier to find your ideal boat.

Check the sailing rules in your holiday country

Not everyone without papers or experience can just go on the water. Different rules apply in each country, so it is useful to learn more about this. If you don’t feel like doing this or prefer not to sail yourself, you can rent a boat with a skipper. Also check the other rules, such as the maximum speed limit, minimum age and alcohol consumption. In some countries you risk heavy fines if you are behind the wheel with a drink.

Find a rental platform

On the internet you can find numerous platforms where you can rent a boat, just like for renting a car. Search in Google for the keywords ‘boat rental’ and the location. Choose a reliable website that focuses on Dutch customers, so that you can easily contact us with questions and problems.

Get good insurance

Just like with car rental, insurance comes into play when renting a boat. The lessor usually has liability and hull insurance for damage you cause to others or the boat, but renters always have a deductible. It is often possible to buy off the deductible for a few tens a day. Then you don’t have to worry if you accidentally hit the quay. Also take the time to inspect the boat for dents, scratches, holes and other damage when you pick it up and take pictures of it. This way, the existing damage will not be credited to you.

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