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Hot Air Balloon Rides: Offering a Stunning View From Above

Did you know that a hot air balloon typically flies all the way up to 2500 feet in the air? In fact, pilots legally have to fly at least 1000 feet in the air above populated areas.

Hot air ballooning has long been an exciting hobby for extreme adventurers over the last several decades. If you want to take in a breathtaking view of your local surroundings and truly get to know the geography, this can be a ride of a lifetime. There’s no better way to be at peace with nature than taking off in a hot air balloon over a spectacular and grandiose view.

In this article, we will walk you through everything you need to know about hot air balloon rides and how to sign up to experience stunning views in your location.

Why Ride a Hot Air Balloon?

Many people assume that hot air balloons have only been around for decades.

However, hot air ballooning goes all the way back to 220 A.D. Chinese lanterns were used as hot air balloons that were unmanned; however, the main principles are no different.

The first time a human stepped into a hot air balloon in recorded history was in 1783. It was used to provide an observation tower for military strategists.

When you step into a hot air balloon, you become part of that history. You are amongst the select few humans who have ever been able to experience this wonderful feeling.

You’re probably imagining what it will be like when you are thousands of feet up in the air. However, many people say that the most exciting part is actually leaving the ground.

The feeling of gravity no longer having an effect on your balloon is exhilarating. Many people describe it as being like going up the ramp on a roller coaster. The anticipation makes the experience special.

When you are in a hot air balloon, you can go all the way up to cloud level.

Experiencing Nature With Others

Gone are the days when most aircraft allowed you to breathe in the air around you. Now, most commercial planes are fully enclosed and pressure sensitized to keep you safe.

However, at lower elevations, experiencing yourself amongst the clouds is safe and wonderful. This can be a stunning sense of silence in connection with nature.

And don’t forget about the scenic views! Depending on where you go hot air ballooning, you can see that area of the world for yourself in a new way.

Many people like to hot air balloon in Arizona, or Napa Valley, seeing beautiful desert or fertile earth from the sky. You can book a ride in Phoenix at

Finally, hot air ballooning can be a fantastic gift. If you want to celebrate life with a special loved one, going up in a hot air balloon can be a life-changing event. Hot air balloon rides are perfect for birthday gifts or a romantic date with your partner.

Continuing the Hot Air Balloon Tradition

If you are looking for stunning views, hot air balloon rides can’t be beaten. The ability to become one with nature is unparalleled compared to other types of transportation.

You can book a hot air balloon ride today by calling a local service near you and telling them your desired date.

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