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How to Ask for a Free Hotel Room Upgrade

Did you know that more than half of the hotel rooms in America are going to sit empty in 2021? And this trend might continue through 2022?

Well, if you are planning to travel anytime soon, you will want to take advantage of this trend. Why not learn how to ask for a free hotel room upgrade, so you can get an executive suite or an even nicer room for your holidays?

Read on to find out how to ask for a hotel room upgrade the next time you travel.

Ask If the Hotel Offers Complimentary Room Upgrades

Most hotels will offer complimentary hotel room upgrades, if you ask. Most folks don’t know that, and so they never ask.

Even if they are full and can’t upgrade you to a better hotel room like their suite guest rooms, they might end up giving you a free meal in their restaurant or maybe a free massage in their spa. Or, you could end up with some other useful freebies or a goodie bag from them. Free stuff isn’t something to sneeze at.

Go During Low or Off-Peak Season

If you travel to a hotel during their peak season, they are going to have a lot of guests already and they will be less inclined to give you freebies. They know that they have the upper hand during these times.

But when you travel during low or off-peak season, you hold all the cards. You can ask for a free hotel room upgrade because you know that they are mostly empty anyway.

Use Your Bad Experience as a Way of Getting an Upgrade

Did you have a bad experience coming into the hotel? Maybe your bags were lost or your flight was canceled?

Whatever it might be, you can use your bad experience as a way to garner some sympathy from the hotel room reception staff. Everyone knows what a pain lost luggage or delayed flights are. They will be more inclined to give you a free hotel room upgrade because they know you are having a bad day.

Join the Hotel’s Loyalty Program 

It’s much easier to ask for a free hotel room upgrade when you have the backing of the hotel’s loyalty program. That’s why if you tend to use the same hotels whenever you travel, it’s a great idea to become part of their loyalty program and accumulate as many points as you can.

How to Ask for a Free Hotel Room Upgrade 101 

Now that you are a semi-expert in the art of asking for a free hotel room upgrade, you are ready to travel like a boss. Don’t forget to share this knowledge of how to ask for a free hotel room upgrade with your friends. Everyone should benefit from this goodness.

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