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How To Enjoy A Stonehenge Tour With Kids?

Stonehenge has an ancient mystery charm, which you can enjoy visiting with your kids. Many people are not interested in visiting, seeing, or learning about Stonehenge. Viewpoints change the moment they see it in close up. The stones have a vast history and impressive meaning. 

Just booking Stonehenge tickets from their website is not only fun, but also booking the Sunrise Stonehenge Inner Circle Tour can add to the experience.

What’s Stonehenge?

Stonehenge is set in Southwest England in Wiltshire. It was constructed in stages around 3000 BC to 2000 BC and its layout tweaks persisted until 1500 BC. The massive, gigantic stones were brought from far away in Wales. For many centuries, it was a place for rituals. 

The inner Circle tour is recommended for families with kids, especially foreigners who came all the way to visit England’s pre-historic UNESCO World Heritage Site. Booking a regular ticket means you will go on the bus shuttle ride with hundreds of other visitors from Stonehenge’s visitor center. 

You cannot move towards the stones or walk among them. You will also not capture great photographs because you will be standing before a rope surrounded by the crowd. 

Booking Inner Circle Sunrise Toru means you will be driven across the farmland land, across the security guards, and find yourself standing at the foot of stones to watch sun rays emerging from the horizon. 

You can walk under, around, across and among the stones without staying behind the rope. Walking across the inner circle was a surreal experience. It gives you the feeling that these are not just sandstones but markers of history, time, culture, and science. The tour guide talks about the charisma of lines that runs through Stonehenge, the meaning behind every stone, and some mysteries surrounding it. The kids are shown how the stones looked centuries ago. 

Stonehenge’s special features

Stone circle

You will find large Sarsen or sandstone and small bluestones or granite. The weight of the sandstone is 25 to 30 metric tons. Both kinds of stone form two circles and the standing stones carry lengthy lintel stones called trilithons. At the center is a huge Altar stone and between two circles is a horseshoe of stones. 

Ritual area

The center seems to be a ritual landscape. During sunrise, the sun’s rays go past the mighty heel stone sitting outside the main circles into the ritual area. Burial mounds and remnants of other circles are exposed in the neighboring region. 

Sunrise tour means you visit Stone Circle before visiting hours. You don’t have to drown yourself in busy crowds or stand in a long queue. 

Stonehenge’s modern meaning

The meaning of Stonehenge has differed from one century to another or people to people. It was passed from one generation to another as a historic interest until in 1928 it was gifted to the nation. Currently, there is a clash between proponents of historic preservation and those who want free access to the ritual grounds. 

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