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How To Plan a Bridal Shower Weekend Getaway

As times change, so do customs. The traditional bridal shower with sandwiches and punch is absolutely delightful; however, in today’s fast-paced distanced world, sometimes other plans can be just as good. Combine the bridal shower with the bachelorette outing, making it one fun-filled weekend of escape. By making this time a getaway, the bride and her friends enjoy some extra special time together, truly reliving old memories and capturing some new ones. To make the most of the time, consider the following important tips.

1. Ask the Bride About Her Wishes

Don’t guess with any of this. The bride should be included in the organization and decisions. It’s her weekend; after all, you are simply hosting and putting it together. Ask her to come over and have coffee one morning or meet up for a light lunch. During this time, ask about her desires. What would she love to do to celebrate her nuptials? Use that as a jumping off point, and don’t forget to touch base with her you settle the arrangements.

2. Pick a Fun Location

This vacay is a chance to get out of town with those closest and dearest. Select a spot that is convenient for people to reach, and that may have special meaning. The coastline in always a nice choice, offering a chance to unwind and chat while also providing places for evening outings. Rather than hunting down a floor of hotel rooms, look at North Carolina beachfront rentals. You may be able to find a place big enough for everyone. This allows for easier movement and visiting.

3. Invite Various Friends and Family

You may not love everyone close to your friends; however, you should include them in the trip. Ask the bride to create the guestlist. This way you want exclude anyone by accident. If people are sharing rooms, try to group them together by how they know each other.

4. Plan Out Some of the Weekend

Don’t fill every moment up, but you should schedule some things. Plan time for getting nails done. Select a nice restaurant for dinner. You can send out an itinerary through email. Those attending can let you know which events they choose to do.

This is such as special time. Your close friend is about to unite with someone she loves, creating a brand new life and family. Celebrate her in the best way possible, arranging for a fun-filled weekend with those closest to her.

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