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How to Style a Beach House

There is something undeniably entrancing about a beach house. You notice when you walk through the door and into that fresh and bright atmosphere. They are a place where you can leave your troubles at the door, and just soak in the relaxation and inspiration. If you are lucky enough to have one, you may be looking for the perfect way to style it. Here are designer-inspired recommendations to make your beach home look classic such as beach houses Balboa Island.

Become Inspired

Dreaming up the perfect color palette for your beach house? Close your eyes and think of the many different shades that are represented by the seashore. From delicate blues to eye-catching turquoise, toned-down oranges and reds make beautiful accents when paired with luxurious whites and creams. Having a neutral color overall, and then brightening up the area with colorful accessories makes a grand statement.

Consider Hardwood Flooring

Having hardwoods throughout your beach home is an excellent choice. Those that have a weathered feel are especially tasteful. Not only are they practical, they are also aesthetically charming. Installing carpeting is not recommended, as sand and carpeting do not mix well together. Also, keep in mind that carpets tend to get musty when there is a lot of humidity in the air. With that being said, adding stylish area rugs atop your beautiful flooring is a must-do.

Utilize Reclaimed Wood

If you wish to do a decorative accent wall, why not make it out of reclaimed wood? It will give an earthy vibe to the space. While you are at it, use driftwood accents to add warmth to wherever they are placed. Selecting the appropriate art can create a beach look without doing a theme. Don’t forget to hang rustic artwork where appropriate. Feel free to be creative and design your own.

What Not to Do

It has become a bit cliché to have a particular theme that you are decorating around. For example, avoid having seashells or sea life covering every fabric the eye can see. Don’t go overboard and have ship anchors sitting all around or lighthouses hung on the wall in every room. Having a few nautical accessories is okay, but just don’t overdo it.

When decorating your abode by the sea, keep it elegant, but be sure to inject a bit of character and personality within it. You are sure to create a charming and welcoming space when you follow these few simple guidelines.

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