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How to Travel Toronto Like a Local

Whether you’re spending a month in Toronto to enjoy everything the city has to offer, or you’re just stopping in for a quick weekend, there’s a lot of appeal to blending in.  Like any large city, tourists are less likely to get to enjoy the reality of the town, leaving before they find the best restaurants or local hangouts.  Here are some tips to make traveling through Toronto easier for anyone and a lot more fun for tourists.

Get A Train and City Pass

The Toronto train pass, called ViaRail passes, is necessary if you want to get around without paying a cab fare or renting a car.  The Toronto Travel Commission offers guides to help you get through the city, even including a day planner so you can set up a schedule ahead of time.  Although the town is better enjoyed with happy coincidences and fun, a little scheduling can help create a vacation that you get the most out of.

Don’t Park Yourself Downtown.

Some of the most incredible destinations and exhibits are in downtown Toronto, but you shouldn’t spend your entire visit stashed away downtown.  Rent a hotel room, or weekly apartment, in one of the suburbs, and you’ll get more out of your vacation.  Not only is this plan cheaper, but it also gives you the chance to travel and experience more than you would if you could walk everywhere from your hotel.  Toronto is known to be one of the most diverse cities on Earth, so you must get out there and see why that’s so fantastic.

Learn Basic French

Although you can get by knowing only English while in Ontario, there are times when other languages pop into conversations naturally in Toronto.  French can weave into conversations naturally when describing directions, or good restaurants, so it’s good to have at least a basic understanding of French words and phrases.  You don’t have to be bilingual, but knowing terms like “May I speak to you in English?” Translated into “Est-ce que Je peux parler Anglais?” which is far more polite than asking flat out if they speak English.  

No Need To Convert

Although you have to pay in Canadian money if you’re using cash, almost every store in the city will expect you to pay with a card.  Contact your debit and credit card companies before your vacation to let them know you’re traveling and not settling up looking for homes for sale in Toronto, and then enjoy going paperless!  Not only does this save you the time of not having to get your money converted or go to an ATM where the fees are high to convert your money, but you’ll also be more capable of fitting in and avoiding holding up lines.

Toronto is one of the most incredible cities on Earth.  By planning and being open to change and unpredictability, you give yourself the chance to have the vacation of a lifetime.  The other classic city rules still stand, like not stopping in the middle of the sidewalk and don’t talk loudly on your phone on the train: but there’s a lot of magic to find in Toronto.

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