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How to Use Travel Hashtags to Get More TikTok Followers

If you are looking for tips to get more TikTok followers, you might be tempted to post photos of your latest vacation. There are many destinations available to choose from, and with TikTok users being from nearly all parts of the world, you are more than likely to post something that someone will have an interest in.

These destinations may be Asia, North America, or Europe. If you are unsure where to post, you can always start with the continents and countries that you’ve already visit or are most knowledgeable about.

In this article, I will outline the most popular travel hashtags for each area.


You can use Europe travel hashtags to generate more followers on TikTok. Many popular travel creators use these hashtags. Try Sully’s Travel Diary, Lucy, Erin, Megan Homme, or your own. Explore what others have posted and find the best ones for your travel videos. Use them to draw in more followers and create an audience for your videos. Listed below are the best hashtags for your Europe travel videos.

North America

If you’re looking for new ideas for hashtags to use in your videos, you’ll want to consider using the popular social networks. Facebook is a great place to start, and there are many North America travel hashtags that you can incorporate into your videos. To get the most exposure, post your videos at 10am ET or noon local time. Outsiders can use the same hashtags to increase their followers around noon local time.

South America

Using South America travel hashtags to get more TiKTok followers is a simple way to boost the number of views and likes your videos get. These hashtags are popular worldwide and are updated regularly. If you want your videos to get noticed, use the hashtags that are most relevant to your niche. Here are some examples of South America travel hashtags. You can use any of these hashtags on any social media network to get more followers and likes.


If you want more followers on your videos, you might want to consider using the trending hashtags for Asia travel. For instance, you could use #Asiatravel to share short videos on the app. While most other social media platforms allow you to post anything you want, the TikTok app allows you to customize the content based on your location. You can even use different images and video effects to attract more followers.

Latin America

If you want to share pictures and videos of your trip to Latin America, use hashtags related to this region. You can use these hashtags to attract more followers and views. There are many ways to do this. Listed below are some examples of Latin America travel hashtags. Use these to promote your videos on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. These hashtags are popular worldwide and are easy to remember.

Middle East

If you’re in the Middle East, it may be helpful to use Middle Eastern travel hashtags to boost your videos on social networks like Facebook and TikTok. These hashtags are often used in conjunction with pictures and videos, and are populated from many different social networks. Adding them to your videos will increase their chances of receiving more views and likes. Here are some tips to get you started.


If you want to increase the number of followers on your TikTok channel, you can use Africa travel hashtags to promote your videos. Listed below are some of the most popular hashtags related to Africa travel. Using these hashtags in your videos will help you get more views, likes, and followers. These hashtags are popular on various social media sites, such as Facebook and Twitter.


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