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Is it safe to travel to Mongolia during Covid-19?

Regardless of the rising population concerning international travel, Mongolia is one of the most charming places to travel. Mongolia is described to be a picturesque and captivating destination. The attractions that the tourist spots in Mongolia hold is considered to be the most sought after its amazing beauty and unique lifestyle. 

If you love historic places and places rich in their cultural history, Mongolia is the place for you. Even if you are searching for experiencing the nomadic or primordial culture, then the nomadic life that people follow here is far too appealing and will leave you in awe.

 With its beautiful Rocky Mountains and landscape, Mongolia Travel is perfect for people who are willing to experience and catch a sight of the diverse cultures. As a diverse land, Mongolia has numerous breathtaking places for tourists to explore. 

From the capital Ulaanbaatar to the Gobi desert, Mongolia is known to be one of the best tourist spots in 2021. 

Traditional Nomadic Culture and Unique Lifestyle

Mongolia is known for its vast and rugged traditional cultures, unique lifestyles, and nomadic culture, with China and Russia as its borders.

 The capital of Mongolia, Ulaanbaatar, enjoying being the biggest and the most modern city of Mongolia, revolves and surfaces around Genghis Khan, A notorious and fearless founder of the Mongol empire between the thirteenth and the fourteenth century. 

Mongolia is a country surrounded by land. It is also nicknamed the ‘Land of the Blue Sky.’ It is situated in the heart of Asia, between China and Russia. Mongolia remains heavily nomadic. Despite all the innovations and modernity that the world is leading to in the 21st century, Mongolia’s last surviving nomads continue spending their lives in their old traditional and immensely rich culture. 

Mongolia’s Unique and Challenging Geography

By the fate of geography, Mongolia needs to survive amid two great powers of the world and upsurge its connections with the international community. Mongolia has tried hard in times of pandemic to maintain healthy relations with both of its powerful neighbors. 

Mongolia has survived to keep the coronavirus at its bay. It is important to know that not a single person in Mongolia has died from Covid-19. 

Extensive Quarantine Methods Taken during the Pandemic

During the pandemic, Mongolia took immediate actions and enacted its extensive quarantine methods and testing system under a state of emergency. Mongolia was very keen to protect its community and took measures even before the world’s coronavirus outbreak. 

Due to Mongolia’s harsh and bitter weather, Mongolia has an awful flu season from November to February. Most of the practices that were advised by WHO was already being practiced in this mystical country. 

Almost all the public spaces and tourist attractions, starting with the malls and even pharmacies, still require wearing masks even after the pandemi9c has eased out. Still, Mongolia is not easing its quarantine. 

Mongolia does not take anything for granted and had proper testing and screening procedures done. Mongolia also opened a 24-hour covid hotline. 

Mongolians eat healthily and follow a nomadic lifestyle, so they tend to have stronger immunity. But still, every other day is of concern. 

This is what makes Mongolia one of the safest and the best places to travel and explore.

The Opportunity of Having a Distinctive Experience

Discovering Mongolia would be catering the travelers with a remarkable, exclusive, and distinctive experience since the place has an amazing history and appealing beauty.

Mongolia is a country where you can experience all four seasons in a single day. Throughout the winter season, Mongolian weather is severely chilly and harsh, dropping down to minus thirty degrees Celsius in numerous parts of the country. 

During the summer season, the weather is pleasant. This place is a relaxing destination because the place holds the best places of open lands where you can roam freely. It also gives you a unique experience of roaming around the remote areas of various unique traditions and cultures. 

Hence, Mongolia is a must-visit tourist destination throughout all seasons. As every season here holds its beauty. 

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