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Japan was elected the preferred country to visit after the pandemic

After several years of growing popularity as one of the top international travel destinations, corona virus triggered restrictions on non-essential entry to the country have brought inbound tourism to a halt. Nevertheless, Japan was voted the preferred country to visit after the pandemic. The Development Bank of Japan and the Japan Travel Bureau Foundation has released the results of a recent survey of potential travelers’ post-pandemic plans, and Japan tops their commotion lists.

Online search

The online survey collected around 6,200 responses from people in 12 countries, including the US, China, France and Korea. 80% said they plan to travel abroad once the pandemic is over, and when asked where they want to go, Japan was the top answer, chosen by 46% of respondents.

Most desired locations

When asked where in the country they want to go, Tokyo was naturally the most common answer. Next was the northern island of Hokkaido, famous for its beautiful mountains and excellent ski slopes, and central Kansai, which includes cultural Kyoto, picturesque Kobe, and urban Osaka attractions such as Universal Studios. Japan. When asked why they want to go to Japan, 47% of respondents mentioned having specific tourist destinations they want to visit.

A safe country

In discussing the survey results, Japan Development Bank highlighted the importance of adopting effective health and hygiene policies as soon as possible to reduce the number of infections and reassure travelers that Japan is a safe country to travel to as it once again becomes an option.

Japanese facts and customs

The country is known worldwide for its culture and eccentricity. You will understand exactly what it all means when you take a trip to Japan. In order not to get ugly in Japanese lands, check out some curiosities and customs of the natives. When having a meal in a restaurant, you will be given a wet cloth to clean your hands before eating. Do not clean your face or use it as a napkin.

Another custom during meals is to say itadakimasu, which means, “I will receive”, as a polite form. Never enter a home, business or hotel without taking off your shoes. In these places, you will receive a rack to store your shoes, as well as slippers.

Japan travel itinerary suggestion

On your Japan tours info, it is essential to put together an itinerary to optimize your time. Consider the time you will be in the country and select the cities you are most interested in visiting. Know that if your intention is to visit cities other than Tokyo, the ideal is to set aside more than 10 days to stay in Japan. Even during a quick trip, the Japanese capital will have plenty of attractions to fill your entire agenda. If you want to include an adventure route, the park where Mount Fuji is has options for trails and water skiing, in addition to climbing.

Yokohama is just 30 km away by train, while Kyoto can be reached from Tokyo via the Shinkansen. From there, head to Kobe and to Osaka, which can be included in a day trip. Hiroshima is further south. After that, head to Nagasaki.

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