Las Vegas Ultimate Date Night Destination

Las Vegas: The Ultimate Date Night Destination

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I know what you’re thinking, Las Vegas is nothing more than a haven for wild bucks parties, getting wasted (and getting married!) and a bunch of suckers gambling away their life savings. Sure, in some cases that is completely true…BUT it can also be the ultimate date night destination!

Don’t believe me? Read on!

On our most recent trip to Sin City for a business conference, Victoria and I, fresh off our 16-month stint without a drop of alcohol, decided to skip the intense partying and enjoy the other sights of Vegas…how very grown up of us!

(Don’t worry, we’ve also done the not-so civilized side of Vegas in previous years!)

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So, this time, rather than partying hard at nightclubs, pool parties and bars, we enjoyed activities like shows, fancy dinners, a spot of shopping and a few cocktails by the waters edge of a man-made lake!

Party town

When most people think of Vegas, their first thought is complete and utter DEBAUCHERY.

You know that saying, “what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas”! It’s a place where anything goes. If you want to gamble the night away and go crazy on the strip, Las Vegas has you covered. This place really is like Disneyland for adults.

Nightclubs in Vegas will have you partying hard to the sounds of world-class DJs. By day (and sometimes by night!) the pool parties will blow your mind and of course there’s enough entertainment options to keep you amused for hours, if not days!


Can’t sleep, won’t sleep

The hotels and casinos in Vegas pump something into their air conditioning to prevent everyone from feeling tired (yep, even the kids won’t sleep no matter how tired they are!). Who knows what the secret is…extra oxygen, pheromones perhaps?

Whatever it is, this combination of mega hotels that feel like the most intricate mazes, scented air to prevent you from sleeping, indoor areas that make you feel like you’re outside and zero clocks anywhere mean there is no sleep to be had here. When in Vegas, sleep is not a priority and your body clock will have no idea what time it is!


The Forum Las Vegas
The Forum Shops in Caesars Palace: Even shopping in Las Vegas is a full sensory experience!
Venetian Hotel Las Vegas
Believe it or not this isn’t Venice Italy…this is inside our hotel at the Venetian Palazzo Hotel in Las Vegas! Crazy!

So what do you do if you’re not partying?

Most people don’t realise that Vegas has way more to offer than just crazy partying and gambling. Did you know that some of the best restaurants in the world take pride of place in Las Vegas?

I reckon it’s one of the best places in the world to shop too. Some of our mates thought Vegas stores were all about cowboy boots and big hats! This is Nevada not Texas! In reality, you’ll find every store you can think of in Vegas. From super cheap to high-end fashion. If you can’t find it in Vegas, it doesn’t exist!

The highlight of Vegas for me though is the entertainment! You can find everything here from headline music artists like Britney and J-Lo, live music all along the strip, some of the most impressive street performers you’ll ever see, zip lines, crazy roller coasters, water slides, comedians, and my personal favourite Cirque Du Soleil!


Old Vegas
Put a night at Fremont Street in Old Vegas on your itinerary! There’s zip lines, live bands and the biggest TV screen in the world covering the street. Cray Cray!

But how do you choose which Cirque Du Soleil to see?

At any one time there’s eight different Cirque Du Soleil shows performing in Las Vegas. Yes, you may have seen a show when they’ve toured through your hometown, but seeing a Cirque Du Soleil show in Las Vegas is a completely different experience!

Why you ask? Each of the show theatres are custom built to house the performance! For instance, one of the shows we saw this time was ‘Le Reve’ (The Dream) at the Wynn. This show has an aquatic stage with a one-million-gallon water capacity. The show has a combination of death-defying high dives, acrobatics and synchronised swimming. Trust me when I say this show will completely blow your mind!


Las Vegas Ultimate Date Night Destination Buffet The Wynn
Date night starts with ‘bottomless’ Bellini’s at The Buffet at The Wynn.

Best Date Night EVER…dinner and a show!

If you’re looking for the ultimate date night experience in Vegas, it has to be dinner and a show. Every Cirque du Soleil show has an option for you to enjoy dinner at one of the many restaurants with a huge range of different dining options to choose from depending on your budget. For our date night, we hit up The Buffet at the Wynn. You guessed it, an all you can eat buffet. Personally I’m not really a fan of buffets, but when in Vegas it’s all the rage!

Hands down this was the highlight of our stay in Vegas this time around!

Vic and I made sure we were all prepped and ready with an empty stomach so we could go all out. We gave it a good crack! The Buffet at the Wynn is one of the best on the strip and has a huge range of food from fresh seafood, big cuts of meat, pizza, tapas, salads, sushi, and a dessert bar that would make any kid (or big kid) wet their pants! There was even a good selection of food for us vegetarians too!

In typical Vegas fashion, if you want to have a drink with your buffet dinner you can get the ‘bottomless’ option that includes wine, Bellinis and beers. You’ll never go thirsty here.

Once we’d eaten our weight in food, we waddled off to go enjoy our show. Le Reve was pretty dark and moody, probably not the best one to take the little ones too. But we had a blast!


La Reve Cirque Du Soleil Las Vegas
Le Reve: How cool are these custom made theatres for the show?! 

La Reve Cirque Du Soleil Las Vegas1


La Reve Cirque Du Soleil Vegas
Le Reve: These three pics are all of the same show. Pretty epic what they can do with the stage.

I want more circus and acrobatics!

We love experiencing the Cirque shows in Vegas. So much so that during our stay we managed to squeeze in not one but TWO shows.

A couple of nights after seeing Le Reve, Victoria was busting to see another Cirque Du Soleil show with more of a circus feel. She wanted more light hearted, good ole fashioned acrobatics. We hit up the Google machine and everyone was raving about Mystere at Treasure Island.

So of course, we had to plan another date night!

Due to crazy busy plans, and the fact that we had tickets to a private Maroon 5 concert (yep private concert!), we didn’t do a dinner before Mystere. We just hit up Maroon 5 and then jumped straight into the Mystere show. Pretty epic eh?! Trust me, only in Vegas can you do crazy things like this!

One of the awesome things about Vegas though is that you can get a great feed at any time. After Mystere we hit up our favourite sushi restaurant in the Venetian Palazzo – Sushisamba.

Mystere didn’t disappoint, just like all the other Cirque shows it has a custom built theatre specifically designed for the show. At all times you feel like you’re IN the show with performers above you, behind you, beside you and in front of you. The only way to describe it is totally RAD!

I won’t give any spoilers away about the shows themselves but I will say make sure you have enough time to see a couple of shows while you’re in Vegas. They are not to be missed! Don’t ask me which one was better because they were completely different shows and I reckon you should go to both!


The Wynn Parasol Down
Wynn Hotel Parasol Down Bar: Hot tip…order the Lychee Martini and enjoy the free bar snacks!!

Next stop, a civilised cocktail underneath a giant singing frog!

The last time we were in Vegas we accidently stumbled upon an amazing outdoor bar aptly named ‘Parasol Down’ at the Wynn and it’s now one of our firm faves. Decorated with giant parasol umbrellas it feels like you’ve stepped into a scene from Alice in Wonderland!

You can imagine my excitement when we found this semi-secluded outdoor bar nestled beside a man-made lake! I don’t love air conditioning so anytime I can be outside, count me in. As soon as we sampled their Lychee Martinis we knew we’d found a winner.

This bar is extra special though! Every 30 minutes there’s a light and puppetry show over the lake. Sounds a bit weird and it’s not something I’d go out of my way to see, but when you’re sitting there enjoying a cocktail or two it makes a quirky addition to the ambience!

These random little additions are what makes Las Vegas so much fun!

So, if you’re looking for the ultimate date night destination make sure you check out Las Vegas! Top tip, if you want to see a big celebrity performer such as Britney Spears, Celine Dion etc, make sure you book tickets well in advance. Even though these guys have a residency and perform most days of the week, tickets sell out well in advance!

Got a top tip for a date night in Las Vegas? Comment below!


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The Venetian Palazzo Gondolas
Vegas never sleeps! Perfect if you want to ride a gondola in a Venetian canal at night!
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