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Maximize the fun on Your Next Luxurious Yacht Charter Vacation

Who doesn’t dream of a super-luxurious vacation on board a yacht charter to mesmerizing locations and personally catered culinary world? It is all about enjoying the champagne with your loved ones while sinking in the beautiful sunset on the cruise.

Experience great moments by enjoying beaching, feeding the turtles, checking out swimming pigs and lots more. Check out the site and book your vacation today.

The overall experience of the boat, fine dining, ocean, coastlines, and barbeques on private beach is sure to leave you awestruck. It is definitely an experience you and your kids will always cherish.

Planning for that perfect and fun-filled yacht vacation is not easy though especially if you have children to accompany you. Hiring specialists like Arthaud Yachting will ensure meticulously planned vacation suited to your personal needs. They warrant a super luxurious panama yacht charter vacation from Costa Rica all the way to Panama.

How to maximize the experience of your upcoming luxurious vacation?

If this is resonating with the style of vacation you prefer, the following tips will enhance your luxurious experience to another level of gratification:

  • Don’t spoil the fun of basking in beautiful surroundings with your family and friends all around you by constantly being on your phone. Switch it of for as long as possible.
  • Always inform the captain on board in advance regarding your preferred choices of food and places you want to visit. This gives them a head start to ensure smooth sailing.
  • From kids play area to morning yoga, from diving to water sports; use every bit the boat has to offer.
  • Enjoy the boat experience in a relaxed pace with special massage sessions, basking the sun on the pool side, and fishing with your kids.
  • For the adventurer in you, ask the caption to help you get the taste of ocean with activities like scuba diving and jet skiing.
  • Visit the beaches, ancient sites, museums, local towns and villages to experience their cultural and culinary diversities.
  • A yacht charter is incomplete without enjoying the beautiful shades of the setting sun.
  • Always and always listen to your captain; they have the experience and familiarity with transit times depending on wind speeds and tides for a smoother sailing.
  • Lastly, always bring a nanny for your kids if you do not want spend half of your time babysitting. Kids are familiar with them and will enjoy even more.

How to maximize the fine dining experience on the luxury charter?

Personal dining experience is the highlight of any luxury yacht charter. Here are some tips to make the most from having a personal high-rated chef on board:

  • Select from the sample menus on advance.
  • Fill your preference sheet with utmost clarity and honesty.
  • Choose local produce and delicacies over the regular one.
  • Inform the chef about dietary restrictions and food allergies, if any.
  • Ensure beforehand if you have specific food and alcohol requests, and don’t forget to take pleasure in wine tasting from the vintage selection of wines on board.
  • Keep alternating between casual and formal dining experiences.
  • Inform the crew if you feel hungry in between meal times; you don’t want to feel nauseated from empty stomach after all.
  • For special occasions and late-night meals, inform the crew in advance.
  • Plan a themed evening like a pirate night and it is always super fun especially for kids.
  • Try local street food when you hit the beach.

Make every experience count. Relax, enjoy and get back home with a mental bag full of beautiful memories and luxurious experiences to remember your whole lifetime.

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