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Party Hard: 4 Original Vegas Bachelor Party Ideas

A Las Vegas bachelor party doesn’t need to be all strippers and over-drinking. There are plenty of activities you and your boys can do to celebrate an upcoming wedding without a debilitating hangover the next day. 

Keep reading to find our top Las Vegas bachelor party ideas. 

  1. Let Your Inner Child Loose

 Vegas is known for its debauchery. If you’d rather not waste your vacation in bed with a hangover, why not do something a little easier on the ol’ liver? 

Emporium arcades is a perfect Vegas bachelor party venue for anyone seeking a less wild night out. Play your favorite childhood video games and enjoy live music while you’re at it. The arcade is a 21+ establishment so they do serve alcohol if you so wish to partake. 

If you love theme parks, check out one of the Strip’s many rides. The roller coaster in New York, New York, or SkyJump at the Strat are sure to get your heart pumping. 

  1. Hit the Streets, the Waves, or the Skies

Vegas is known for being the city where anything goes. If you’ve always been curious about driving a sports car or flying a plane, make it a reality in Vegas. 

Exotic car racing is a popular activity in the area that’ll make for a day to remember. Get behind the wheel of one of your favorite luxury cars and feel the powerful purr of its engine. 

Will you choose to drive a Ferrari, Porsche, Lamborghini, or another high-end car? The choice is yours.

If you prefer your adrenaline to be air-based, why not get in the cockpit of a fighter jet? With the help of an instructor, you will perform tailspins and torque rolls. 

Lake Mead is another great local place to check out for adrenaline junkies. Rent a jet ski with your boys and spend the day on the water. 

  1. Check Out the Grand Canyon

Is there any natural marvel in America as breathtaking as the Grand Canyon? Its nearly six million visitors per year would think not. 

Book with a local tour company and have the entire day planned for you. Take a whole day and travel by charter bus or just a few hours and go by helicopter. There’s nothing quite like the Grand Canyon so it’ll be a bachelor event to remember for everyone.

  1. Check Out a Show

There are a few other things that draw crowds to Vegas besides the promise of debauchery. The city is known for its wide array of entertaining show options. Whether you want to see a Cirque du Soleil style show or a comedian, the strip has it all. 

Absinthe is one of our favorite adult-only shows. It features just the right amount of comedy, sexiness, and jaw-dropping acrobatics. 

Enjoy Your Vegas Bachelor Party

Sure, you could go buck wild at your Vegas bachelor party. You certainly wouldn’t be the first person. But if you want a night to remember, any of our ideas above should do. 

Keep reading our blogs for more travel tips for your trip. 


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