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Planning a Ski vacation during COVID19, don’t forget your ski boots!

Let’s speak frankly, since winter 2020 the world we’ve known has changed, the tourism industry especially. Things that were easy before, like planning a ski vacation, are now much more complicated.

Safety first

When skiing, safety comes first, for that reason, choosing safe equipment, like for example choosing ski boots is very important to avoid injuries. But these days, choosing ski boots is not the main concern, rather choosing a ski vacation that is compatible with COVID 19 related health best practices.

Is skiing during COVID 19 safe?

Well this is a complicated question. Ski is a one man show. While skiing you are pretty far away from other people so skiing itself is a low risk sport. Things can be more complicated if considering the surroundings of a ski resort; the hotel, the common area, the lift. In all these places exchanging with other people is inevitable.

Taking precaution while skiing.

World’s greatest skiers’ philosophy is this – be flexible!

What does it mean? Basically when skiing you need to adapt yourself to the environment, ski requires flexibility and being open minded, it is very important!

For example some skiers have unique feet, sometimes very large feet. They shouldn’t give up on skiing because they can still find ski boots for large feet and overcome this obstacle.

This same philosophy can be adapted to ski during the COVID 19 Era. You need to find ways to make it work:

  • Wear masks when you are near other people.
  • Wash your hands and use gloves.
  • Make sure the hotel is adapted to COVID19 best practices.
  • Make sure the ski site is not overcrowded.
  • Call the ski resort and ask them which measures they are undertaking to be compliant with COVID19 best practices.

In conclusion

COVID 19 is bad no doubt, but ski is the sport of flexibility and if you want it you can do it, just take all the necessary precaution and be safe.

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