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Planning Your Budget: How Much Does it Cost to Travel to the UK?

The summer months are upon us. That means it’s time to start planning your summer vacation

When it comes to choosing the ultimate travel destination for you and your family, don’t forget about Europe. After all, travel to the UK provides special opportunities that can’t be found anywhere else in the world.

The key to planning to travel to the UK from the USA is to make sure you can afford this type of experience. Fortunately, this guide will help you understand how much it costs to travel to the UK.  Keep reading to learn more.

Planning Your Trip

Let’s start by discussing the essential aspects of the vacation planning process. After all, travel to the UK is a big deal, so you won’t want to leave anything to chance.

The best strategy is to create a travel checklist that includes airfare, lodging, local travel options, food, entertainment, sightseeing opportunities, and travel insurance.


How much will it cost to fly to the UK from the United States? That mostly depends on the time of year when you intend to travel. 

The originating city and choice of airline will also make a difference. For example, flights on Delta from Wichita, Kansas to London between mid-July and early August start at $1,027 per person.

The key is making the most of your travel budget is to buy your tickets as early as possible. This won’t make your flight to the UK cheap, but you can usually save a few hundred dollars.

Travel Lodging

The next major expense is lodging. When it comes to finding a place to stay, you can obviously spend as much as you like, but for those on a tight travel budget, you’ll have much fewer options.

Prices for a bed in a hostel dorm start around $40 a night, or you can spend around $124 at night in a 2-star hotel. From there, you can expect to pay as much as several dollars per night for a luxury hotel.


You obviously can’t travel without eating. The key to saving money on food is to stay in a hotel that includes a kitchenette. This will enable you to buy groceries and cook in your room rather than eat out for every meal. 

When you’re ready to save money on groceries during your UK vacation, be sure to check out

A Guide to How Much It Costs to Travel to the UK

It’s no secret that everyone needs a vacation. After all, getting away from the house for a few days or a few weeks is important for relaxing and recharging. Fortunately, this guide to how much it costs to travel to the UK will help you plan the best possible experience for your family.

This blog is filled with tons of tremendous articles that provide a wide range of topics that can benefit your lifestyle. Please continue exploring to find more useful travel-related tips and advice for you and your family.


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