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In 5 STEPS TO ESCAPE THE DESK we share a step-by-step guide on how to get your shit together before you quit your job to travel the world.

We took these steps when we first made the decision to leave our corporate jobs to pursue a life of freedom and choice. As a result, we can now work from anywhere in the world and are way happier and less stressed!

Grab your copy of 5 STEPS TO ESCAPE THE DESK now and start planning your own escape!


In 5 STEPS TO ESCAPE THE DESK you’ll discover the steps that we took when we first got started on our journey to becoming full time digital nomads.

In this book you’ll learn:

  • The steps to take when planning your escape from the 9-to-5.
  • How to get your finances in order before you take the plunge and quit your job!
  • The best way to deal with negativity from people who don’t ‘get it’.
  • What travel essentials you’ll need to make picking up and heading off on an adventure a breeze.
  • How to TAKE ACTION and make shit happen!


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