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Public transport or car rental: What should I know before choosing one?    

Between paradisiacal beaches, natural and architectural beauty that go hand in hand and an atmosphere of peace and tranquility that can hardly be found in any other of the Balearic Islands, Menorca has become a jewel of tourism.

And it is that the island, already at this point perfectly suitable for tourism of all kinds of visitors (both those looking for a weekend getaway, a perfect place for their honeymoon or a family season) offers its visitors a plenty of options in terms of places to visit, explore, and even culinary experiences with a freshness impossible to find anywhere on the mainland.

There are different ways of getting around the island, both the car hire menorca services and public transport are excellent options to consider for travelers with different budgets. We are going over a small list of reasons that could make your decision a bit easier on this matter.

Car hire vs Public transportation! Which one should I choose?

The first position on this list must be dedicated by obligation to the factor of freedom of movement and schedules that handle both options.

  • By having a rented car that can be taken to your place of accommodation and wherever you want on the island, the visitor will not be tied to departure times or public transport routes. However, you will always have to consider finding a place to park.
  • On the other hand, although the use of public transport means that visitors are tied to the schedules of the routes on each route, this option is quite comfortable for visitors staying in more central places and with greater access to these routes, without having to worry about the arrival or departure time of the buses.

Any visitor should keep the travel’s budget in mind, each service can offer different prices and that could affect the experience in the island.

  • It is true that a car rental would have to be paid on daily basis (or weekly, depending on the service or the offer that was acquired), however this would mean that the traveler would be completely free to use the car as many times as required with no limits.
  • Public transportation, on the other hand, has a normal fare around 5,5€ per travel. Travelers can also access different touristic packages that give them access to special discounts.



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