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Rent a yacht in St-Tropez next summer and travel with style!

What triggers first our mind when we think about Saint Tropez?

We are probably thinking of glamour, yachts, celebrities, exclusive clubs, etc. And dreaming about all this is obvious because the city has it all.

Saint Tropez somewhere different from all other places of French Riviera: While Nice or Marseille are bigger but the wondrous little town of Saint Tropez is astounding. It is located inside the shoreline which makes it a very secluded kind of place.

Whether you are looking for a luxurious and tranquil gateway or you want to dance with celebrities in vibrant clubs- Saint Tropez is a great place and considered a perfect destination to check out for a weekend!

With a population of approximately 5000 people, It can be hardly considered as a town, it looks more like a village; But not just like any normal village – A deluxe, classy, luxurious, and fancy kind of village.

You are going to spend the most memorable time of your life here with full enjoyment and excitement. In this blog post, you will come to know about the best things to do, when you visit Saint-Tropez. 

So if you are looking for some kind of plan for a summer holiday in Saint-Tropez, then do read this blog post and know about the best things to do in Saint Tropez over a weekend.

In its old times, Saint Tropez was just a normal fishing village, but over the last decade, it has become the worlds most prominent and renowned seaside resort.

A sophisticated and luxurious destination for the wealthy and famous individuals and here you will also experience unique and luxurious Saint-Tropez airport transfer.

Stroll down the Sea Front of Old Port.

The Vieux Port is located at the heart of the town and one of the most famous Saint Tropez attractions! The port of Saint Tropez is full of cute-tiny fishing boats, yachts, attractive colorful houses, and of course, many luxurious cafes, so visiting here is worth it.

Having coffee in one of the cafes of Saint-Tropez harbor and simply watching people can also be a great experience. You can walk along the streets and soothe your soul with beautiful paintings made by the artists to soak up the ambiance of the city.

Hire a Boat for Boat Tour

If you don’t own a boat parked on some of the piers of Saint Tropez, no worries, you can rent it for one day!

This activity is quite pricey but it is worth it if you are a huge fan of boating or yachts and there is no place better than Saint Tropez to do it! Moreover, if you are in a big group (approx. 8 people), a private tour on the Gulf of Saint Tropez might be a great idea for you!

Stroll at Place Des Lices

Place Des Lices is also known as Place Carrot- This is the place if you want to escape the luxury atmosphere for a while and want to feel the old charm of Saint-Tropez.

This is a city square situated very close to the famous Vieux Port. If you have been here before, you might know about their famous game called petanque. Place Des Lices is the spot where Saint-Tropez locals gather and play petanque. The most famous café over there is Café Des Arts! People usually relax here after playing this game.

There is an abundance of things that you can do here, discover this exceptional city, and make your vacations extra-happening!

Visit Musee De L’Annonciade

If you are bored of lying down on the beach and want to experience something different. Then visiting Musee de L’ Annonciade is the best option. The old building Chapelle Notre-Dame de l’ Annonciade converted into a museum back in the 16th century.

This museum has a rich and abundant collection of post-impressionist paintings. If you are an art lover, you can hire a private car for visiting here from your location.

Please note that the collection of this museum includes Matisse, Signac, Bonnard, and many other artists’ works, that were living here in the late 18th Century!

Museum also complements a magnificent view of the port.

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