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Say hello to selfie free holidays!

We’ve travelled the world a few times over, both with modern technology and without. If you can remember back when you’d have to go to an internet café to send an email to your friends and family, you’ll also remember a time before smartphones and selfies. Well, we recently had a great experience with the guys from Wanderloud which encouraged us to say hello to more selfie free holidays and be more in the moment when we travel…just like old times.


I remember buying a phone card and calling home from a pay phone and taking photos on a disposable camera and hoping they would turn out ok. Which would be the only (often blurry) photographic evidence of an amazing trip! When I heard about this idea I was definitely keen.


As you guys know, we travel as a couple so most of the time our photographs only feature one of us…mostly me as Elaina is usually the one behind the camera. All of our own photos which include us both are usually selfies. Yep, we are serial selfie snappers!


We decided to say yes to a shoot and have a few hours of fun in London town.

Say hello to selfie free holidays!
Capture your holiday memories, and get shown around like a local. Best walking tour ever!


Shoreditch London Street art

Take a digital detox

Wanderloud encourage travellers like us to book a fun, candid photoshoot so you can be in the moment and enjoy the sights and sounds of your new destination without the pressure of having to take your own photos.


Sounds cool right?!


Best of all, they team you up with local photographers who are nothing short of awesome and quickly make you feel relaxed. We had our first Wanderloud experience in London. Andy our photographer was so lovely, we immediately felt like we’d known her forever and had a lot of fun cruising around the streets of trendy Shoreditch.


Street art was the backdrop for the shoot which was so us. Andy showed us around the area and pointed out some local hotspots we probably wouldn’t have found on our own which was an added bonus. So not only did we have 40 super cool shots of us both but we also left with knowledge of a new area that we would never have discovered.


Shoreditch photoshoot london


Shoreditch London Street Art Photo Tour

Stepping out from behind the camera

As travel bloggers we spend a lot of our time behind the camera (or iPhone) capturing our adventures for other people to check out and hopefully be inspired by. To be on the other side of the camera just for the fun of it was such a refreshing experience!


Wanderloud operates all over the world in over 30 countries so if you’re looking for a truly unique travel experience which will give you some beautiful photographs of you and your partner, you and your friends or even your family we’d highly recommend these guys.


We’re all about supporting start-ups and small business, especially our fellow Aussies. Check out Wanderloud on their website and social media and book a shoot. You won’t regret it!


Thanks Wanderloud, for the awesome experience!!


Shoreditch London Street art photoshoot tour


Shoreditch London Photo Tour

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