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Guide to street art in Georgetown, Penang

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When you think of the coolest street art in the world, a few places immediately spring to mind. London, New York, Berlin, Rio de Janeiro and of course, Melbourne in Australia. But one of the lesser-known places to see some truly incredible street art is a small island in Malaysia called Penang. Here’s our guide to street art in Georgetown, Penang.


Our visit to Georgetown in Penang was one of our favourite destinations of 2016, mainly because of the amazing accommodation we stayed in, The Blue Mansion, and you’ve guessed it, the street art!


This place supplied us with Instagram fodder for weeks after our visit. The street art in Penang is interactive and super cool. Like no other street art we’d ever seen before.



Where to find street art in Georgetown, Penang

To make it super easy for you to find all the cool pieces of street art hidden around Georgetown, you can pick up a street art guide map to find your way to each one. We’ve gone one further and you can download a map in advance here!


Download Street Art Map Georgetown, Penang


Guide to street art in Georgetown, Penang

Lithuanian artist Ernest Zacharevic revitalised Georgetown with his unique take on street art featuring children. Pieces like Little Boy with Pet Dinosaur and Boy on Bike are so cool that you can’t help but want to pose with them. There is so much street art in Penang now that you can spend a whole day just wandering around the city spotting and snapping them all.


To give you an idea of just how cool this street art is, here are our shots of what you can expect…


Boy on Bike Street Art Georgetown Penang
Elaina catching a ride on the old motorcycle. Hope the kid knows how to ride this thing!


Street Art Georgetown Penang The Freedom Travellers
Vic found the Minions! Or at least one of them!

Boy walking his dinosaur Street art Penang
Boy taking his pet dinosaur out for a walk!


What to see in Penang Malaysia
Hitching a ride with the locals


Kids on a Bicycle Street Art Georgetown
3 kids on a bike


Guide to street art in georgetown Penang The Freedom Travellers
Elaina showing the kids some of her b-ball moves



Where to stay near Penang street art

If you’re up for an awesome recommendation for where to stay that’s nice and close to the Penang street art, look no further!


We stayed at Cheong Fatt Tze Mansion, or as it’s more commonly known, The Blue Mansion (for obvious reasons!). We were so excited to stay here as Lonely Planet voted it one of the greatest mansions in the world! Pretty big claim, eh!


A Unesco World Heritage Site, ‘La Maison Bleu’ is bursting with history and has been lovingly restored to its original condition.


It’s within walking distance to the street art in Georgetown. Plus if you stay at the mansion you can bypass the 45-minute tourist tour (and the cost of admission) and wander around the mansion at your own leisure.


Interested in staying at the Cheong Fatt Tze Mansion? Check prices here.


The Blue Mansion Penang
Outside The Blue Mansion, Georgetown


So there you have it, our guide to street art in Georgetown, Penang. Want to discover another cool city that has a heap of street art? Check out our Guide to 24 Hours in Melbourne, Australia.


Have you discovered some seriously cool street art on your travels? Comment below and let us know! We are always looking for new hidden gems to seek out.



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