Why you should travel the world right now

Why you should travel the world right now!

If you had a million bucks in the bank right now, what would you do with it? As we were strolling through our hood this morning on our way to get our caffeine hit – we’ve been away for 3 weeks so we may as well hook ourselves up to an IV coffee drip! – […]

top 5 travel destinations 2016

Top 5 Travel Destinations for 2016

2015 was an epic year of travel for us. We visited China, Indonesia, Taiwan and New Zealand to name just a few. I’m already daydreaming about the awe-inspiring destinations that we’ll discover in 2016. Since neither Vic or I are planners, our next travel destination is always a surprise. Where will we go? No one […]

Sailing Komodo National Park

Sailing Komodo National Park

I’ve done a fair few boat trips during my travels around the world (as has Elaina), so when I found out we were doing a live-aboard during our trip to Indonesia I was pretty stoked. Our first few days in Indo had been spent travelling over land in a minibus (with a bunch of legendary […]

Our encounter with the BIGGEST lizards on the planet

Our encounter with the BIGGEST lizards on the planet

The Freedom Travellers’ do Komodo National Park…here’s all about our encounter with the biggest lizards on the planet… Q: What’s 3 meters long, weighs 150 kilos, has a long, flat head, a rounded snout, scaly skin and a huge, muscular tail? A: Nope, not a dinosaur…a KOMODO DRAGON! If you’ve ever seen Jurassic Park, you […]

14 best views around the world

14 Best Views Around the World

We’ve travelled the world a few times over and our best travel tips and advice always come from our fellow travellers. When we decided to kick of our ‘Best Of’ series with the world’s best views, of course we threw it over to our wanderlust buddies to find out their top picks from their combined […]