Those who want to travel, teach

Those who want to travel, teach!

When we started The Freedom Travellers back in 2013, we had no idea how many cool people it would bring into our lives. We’re all about being creative when it comes to travelling the world and we’ve recently discovered why those who want to travel, teach! At the beginning of last year we had a message […]

Why you should travel the world right now

Why you should travel the world right now!

If you had a million bucks in the bank right now, what would you do with it? As we were strolling through our hood this morning on our way to get our caffeine hit – we’ve been away for 3 weeks so we may as well hook ourselves up to an IV coffee drip! – […]

Break The Rules and Follow Your Dreams

Break the rules and follow your dreams

I recently finished reading a book called Chapter One by Daniel Flynn, Co-Founder of the Thankyou group. It was a seriously awesome read…so much so that I couldn’t put it down and read the whole thing on our flight from Sydney to Cairns! I won’t go into the whole story (you need to buy the […]

Our top secret spots in sydney

Feels like home: Our top secret spots in Sydney!

2 years, 11 countries, and over 40 cities. Our lives as The Freedom Travellers have been pretty damn awesome so far. We’ve travelled far and wide over the past couple of years. We’ve visited incredible places, sampled crazy local cuisines, witnessed beautiful sunrises and breathtaking sunsets. We’ve surfed, we’ve bungy jumped, we’ve scuba dived and […]

future of the freedom travellers

The Future of The Freedom Travellers

To look ahead to the future, first we have to turn back real quick and look back at how we got to this point. The Freedom Travellers started out as a hobby. It was initially a fun creative outlet and the main objective was to talk about living our lives on our terms. When we […]

How we quit our jobs to travel the world

How We Quit Our Jobs to Travel The World

How we quit our jobs to travel the world! The Freedom Travellers 18 months on… It’s hard to believe that it was just 18 months ago that The Freedom Travellers began. Reflecting on how much we’ve done and achieved in that time made me want to share a bit about the journey with you guys. […]

16 reasons to love taipei

16 Reasons to Love Taipei!

When we decided to head over to Taiwan to visit Taipei we had no idea what to expect. We didn’t know anyone who’d been there so we did what we always do, grabbed a Lonely Planet and jumped on a plane. Turns out Taiwan has a diverse culture, from traditional and steeped in history to […]

NY Prop Maker Quits to Pursue Dog Sledding in Alaska

One of the coolest things about travelling is the people we meet along the way. Often we meet people who have the most amazing stories to tell. Their adventures totally inspire us, so we thought it would be awesome to bring some of these people into your lives too…allow us to introduce a new addition to our site…Featured Freedom […]

top 5 awesome experiences in new zealand

Top 5 awesome experiences in New Zealand

Having never been to the South Island of New Zealand before, we were pretty stoked when our friends Cara and Alex decided to get married in Queenstown. Perfect excuse for a trip across the ditch to NZ! We’d heard that this part of New Zealand was beautiful but nothing had prepared us for just how […]

Booze free

Booze free in 2015!

When we made the decision to quit alcohol in 2015 we weren’t really sure what we were in for. Initially it was a decision to stay off the booze for a couple of months in the New Year. Pretty achievable goal right?! But then, we stumbled across something which made us change our thinking completely […]

5 Things We Love About Manly!

[fusion_text]Summer has officially arrived in Sydney and, as you know, there’s nothing we love more than being at the beach. You can imagine how happy we were when our awesome friends said we could stay at their place in Manly while they nipped home to the UK for Christmas! (Thanks Dani & Dave, legends!) Two weeks […]

The Freedom Travellers Isagenix Celebration San Diego Brisbane

Why we love Network Marketing

Lately we’ve been asked the same question over and over. “How do you do what you do?” So, we decided it’s time to give it to you straight. We’re Network Marketers and we love it. Network marketing has been around for decades now and, when done right, it is a great way to make a […]

The Freedom Travellers England Isagenix

England…The Freedom Travellers way!

I’m English, so maybe I’m biased. But for me, there’s nothing better than when the sun shines over rolling hills, particularly when you’re in a beer garden with a cold cider in hand! The problem is, the sun doesn’t shine all that often in God’s country. Hence why I moved to Australia almost five years […]

Our top tips for a trip to Amsterdam!

Our top tips for a trip to Amsterdam!

Getting lost on bikes, finding the best gin down a hidden alleyway, eating delicious pancakes on the roadside, checking out the largest sex museum in Europe – just a few of the things we experienced during our trip to the Dam! This place has been on my bucket list for years and it’s amazing that […]


Our Top 5 Destinations of 2013

Need some inspiration for your next trip? In the last 13 months we’ve travelled to 8 different countries over 26 weeks. Yep, that equates to half the year. So if you’re looking for a few ideas on where to head next, check out our top 5 destinations of 2013. Las Vegas, USA Three words: Disneyland […]