7 things I learned from one year without alcohol

7 things I learned from one year without alcohol

On January 1, 2015 we set ourselves a goal. It was a big one. Give up alcohol for a year. A whole year. 365 days with not a drop. Not a sip. At the time it seemed like a crazy, big, audacious goal and boy did it get a reaction from people when we decided […]


How to set (and stick to!) New Years Resolutions

With Christmas done for another year, our attention quickly switches to the New Year ahead and inevitably, for most of us, those New Year’s resolutions! From past experience, New Year’s resolutions don’t usually last very long. In fact, the average life span of a resolution is less than 2 weeks! Why is that? Why do […]

Booze free

Booze free in 2015!

When we made the decision to quit alcohol in 2015 we weren’t really sure what we were in for. Initially it was a decision to stay off the booze for a couple of months in the New Year. Pretty achievable goal right?! But then, we stumbled across something which made us change our thinking completely […]