Travellers Reveal Their Most Loved and Hated Destinations Around the World

Travellers Reveal Their Most Loved and Hated Destinations Around the World

When you travel the world something funny happens. You fall in love with the most unexpected places and the ones you think you’re going to love, are sometimes underwhelming. We’ve now got a long list of destinations we loved…and also some we hated! We take recommendations from people all the time, that’s how we roll. We […]


Nine Travel Bloggers Trapped on a Bus

Nine travel bloggers trapped on a bus in Indonesia proceed to regale each other with stories from around the world… On our recent trip to Indonesia we got to spend a week with seven other travel bloggers. As you can imagine, between the nine of us we’ve traversed the globe a few times over and […]

How we quit our jobs to travel the world

How We Quit Our Jobs to Travel The World

How we quit our jobs to travel the world! The Freedom Travellers 18 months on… It’s hard to believe that it was just 18 months ago that The Freedom Travellers began. Reflecting on how much we’ve done and achieved in that time made me want to share a bit about the journey with you guys. […]


Our Top 5 Destinations of 2013

Need some inspiration for your next trip? In the last 13 months we’ve travelled to 8 different countries over 26 weeks. Yep, that equates to half the year. So if you’re looking for a few ideas on where to head next, check out our top 5 destinations of 2013. Las Vegas, USA Three words: Disneyland […]

5 awesome reasons to visit sri lanka

5 Awesome Reasons to Visit Sri Lanka

Are you looking for a cool Asian country that isn’t (yet) riddled with tourists? Guess what, we found it and you better hurry because it won’t stay like this for long! After returning home to Sydney after spending a month in Sri Lanka we’re already missing the place! As we look back at our holiday […]

Safari Sri Lanka

Splurging on Safari!

How long is an elephants penis? What will a horny elephant do when you put a 4 x 4 in between him and a female elephant? How many beers can we drink when it’s all inclusive? To find out these answers to these questions we left the surfing lifestyle of Weligama and set off to […]

Sri Lanka

A Perfect Day: Christmas in Sri Lanka

Merry Christmas from Sri Lanka! After being in this beautiful country for 10 days we’re completely sold. It’s everything we wanted it to be and was definitely the perfect place to spend some down time over the festive season. So far we’ve spent most of our time relaxing, surfing, eating and generally chilling out. Our […]