Break The Rules and Follow Your Dreams

Break the rules and follow your dreams

I recently finished reading a book called Chapter One by Daniel Flynn, Co-Founder of the Thankyou group. It was a seriously awesome read…so much so that I couldn’t put it down and read the whole thing on our flight from Sydney to Cairns! I won’t go into the whole story (you need to buy the […]


8 things I wish I had known before going vegetarian

I know what you’re thinking. These girls are mad! Only a few months ago we were spilling the beans on what we’d learned from a year off the booze…nek minute I’m here telling you all about the 8 things I wish I had know before going vegetarian! Yes, last year was a year for making […]

Our top secret spots in sydney

Feels like home: Our top secret spots in Sydney!

2 years, 11 countries, and over 40 cities. Our lives as The Freedom Travellers have been pretty damn awesome so far. We’ve travelled far and wide over the past couple of years. We’ve visited incredible places, sampled crazy local cuisines, witnessed beautiful sunrises and breathtaking sunsets. We’ve surfed, we’ve bungy jumped, we’ve scuba dived and […]


5 Essential Travel Carry Ons

There are SO many blog posts out there with their ‘must have’ carry-on lists as long as your arm! I’m not sure about you, but what I’ve learned from travelling all over the world is that usually…LESS is MORE! Now, don’t get me wrong, I do like to travel with a fairly large suitcase (which […]

7 Top Cafes and Bars in Surry Hills

7 Top Cafes and Bars in Surry Hills

After a year of living in the inner city suburb of Surry Hills in Sydney, we thought it was time to spill the beans on our 7 top cafes and bars in what’s become our fave suburb in our great city. If you’re looking for a cool spot in Sydney to eat and drink, Surry […]

16 Things You May Not Know About The Freedom Travellers

We’ve been writing our blog and sharing our journey with you for a while now (over 2 years in fact – cray!) so we thought it would be fun to divulge some stuff about us that you may not know…ooh how intriguing! We’ve put together 16 things you may not know about The Freedom Travellers…that’s us! […]

Get set for Mardi Gras with Zusa!

Get set for Mardi Gras with Zusa!

There are SO many apps these days. Seems there is literally an app for anything! We definitely have our favourites and ones that we can’t live (or travel) without but there are others that are totally pointless. So, when we were introduced to a little app called Zusa we were thinking, okay, yet another ‘must […]


Top 8 Things To Do In Changi Airport Singapore

We’ve just booked our flights to Singapore and I’m already thinking about arriving at one of my favourite airports in the world! We fly in and out of Singapore airport all the time and one thing I know for sure is this place doesn’t stand still. Every time we fly in there’s something new to […]

5 Essential Items For A Spontaneous Weekend Escape

5 Essential Items For A Spontaneous Weekend Escape

After a hard week in the office, wouldn’t you love to throw caution to the wind, jump in the car and head off for a couple of nights away somewhere? Well, now you can with our 5 essential items for a spontaneous weekend escape…we’ve covered everything off for you! Plus, it’s Valentine’s Day this weekend so if […]

5 top things to do in sydney this february (1)

5 Top Things To Do In Sydney This February!

There’s nothing I love more than doing awesome things in our own city. I’ve been doing some investigation on what’s coming up this month and I’m happy to report there is a HEAP going on. Here are my top picks for the next few weeks… 5 Top Things To Do In Sydney This February! #1 […]


72 Hours as Reality TV Stars [VIDEO]

The Freedom Travellers take on the Chengdu Challenge! Ever wondered what it would feel like to be a reality TV star? No? Neither had we! Believe it or not being featured on TV is definitely not one of my life goals. As an introvert, being the focus of attention is not my idea of a […]

Travellers Reveal Their Most Loved and Hated Destinations Around the World

Travellers Reveal Their Most Loved and Hated Destinations Around the World

When you travel the world something funny happens. You fall in love with the most unexpected places and the ones you think you’re going to love, are sometimes underwhelming. We’ve now got a long list of destinations we loved…and also some we hated! We take recommendations from people all the time, that’s how we roll. We […]

New travellers guide what you need to know before you go

New Travellers Guide: What you need to know before you go!

Thinking about taking the plunge, packing your bag and travelling around the world? But when you really start thinking about it, the prospect of the unknown freaks you out a bit? If you’re thinking about heading off on an adventure we’re guessing this scenario may sound familiar. You’re super excited to go…but all those ‘what […]

Results or Excuses? You Choose!

Results or Excuses? You Choose!

Since we posted about our experience with quitting alcohol for a year we’ve been inundated with emails and messages from lots of people interested in how we did it. One common theme seems to be the health side of things. Specifically, how we lost weight and got fit. I’d also like to pre cursor this […]

Milford Sound Fly Cruise Day Trip in Photos

Milford Sound Fly Cruise Day Trip in Photos

Milford Sound has to be one of the most picturesque places on the planet. If you’ve ever seen Lord of the Rings, images of this breathtaking scenery as featured in the movie are something to behold in real life. Now there’s an incentive to visit this place, to get your Gandalf on! When Vic and […]