Those who want to travel, teach

Those who want to travel, teach!

When we started The Freedom Travellers back in 2013, we had no idea how many cool people it would bring into our lives. We’re all about being creative when it comes to travelling the world and we’ve recently discovered why those who want to travel, teach! At the beginning of last year we had a message […]

Best and worst luggage for travel

Best and worst luggage for travel

Luggage is something that, in our opinion, can make or break a trip. We’ve both travelled the world extensively and have definitely done our fair share of lugging a huge backpack around. Thankfully, those times are over for us. No more backpacks. Ever. In recent years, how we travel has changed and we’ve become much […]

Why you should travel the world right now

Why you should travel the world right now!

If you had a million bucks in the bank right now, what would you do with it? As we were strolling through our hood this morning on our way to get our caffeine hit – we’ve been away for 3 weeks so we may as well hook ourselves up to an IV coffee drip! – […]


5 Essential Travel Carry Ons

There are SO many blog posts out there with their ‘must have’ carry-on lists as long as your arm! I’m not sure about you, but what I’ve learned from travelling all over the world is that usually…LESS is MORE! Now, don’t get me wrong, I do like to travel with a fairly large suitcase (which […]

Get set for Mardi Gras with Zusa!

Get set for Mardi Gras with Zusa!

There are SO many apps these days. Seems there is literally an app for anything! We definitely have our favourites and ones that we can’t live (or travel) without but there are others that are totally pointless. So, when we were introduced to a little app called Zusa we were thinking, okay, yet another ‘must […]

Best Things to Do in Singapore

Best Things To Do in Singapore

Looking for the best things to do in Singapore? I’ve visited Singapore several times before. Up to now, I’d never really fallen in love with the place. It always felt like any other big city in Asia, with a focus on business and not much else. On our most recent visit to Singapore something shifted. […]

future of the freedom travellers

The Future of The Freedom Travellers

To look ahead to the future, first we have to turn back real quick and look back at how we got to this point. The Freedom Travellers started out as a hobby. It was initially a fun creative outlet and the main objective was to talk about living our lives on our terms. When we […]

Top Travel Hack for Cheap Hotel Prices

Top Travel Hack for Cheap Hotel Prices

Want to work less and travel more? Yup, so do we! Sharing is caring right, so we wanted to let you in on our top travel hack so you have more cash in your pocket when you’re travelling the world… As you guys know, spontaneity is our middle name! We rarely book our trips more […]

Bora Bora Holiday

Best Ever Holiday Locations

It’s no secret that we love to travel. We’re always on the hunt to find an awesome new destination to discover and our fellow travel bloggers are too! We asked them what their favourite all-time holiday location has been. Want to hear the results? We do too! For our latest ‘Best Of’ post here are […]

Manly Wharf Hotel Sydney Australia

Sydney’s Best Waterside Beer Gardens

Looking for the best location to enjoy a sundowner in Sydney? We’ve hand picked our top bars and pubs that not only have a great outdoor bar, but killer water view to boot. Sydney (in our opinion!) is one of most beautiful cities in the world, especially when the sun is shining! You don’t have […]

14 best views around the world

14 Best Views Around the World

We’ve travelled the world a few times over and our best travel tips and advice always come from our fellow travellers. When we decided to kick of our ‘Best Of’ series with the world’s best views, of course we threw it over to our wanderlust buddies to find out their top picks from their combined […]

Opera House Sydney Australia

24 Hours in Sydney

Got 24 hours to spare in Sydney? Here’s our kick-ass itinerary that’ll have you soaking up the highlights of our amazing city. This whirlwind schedule will ensure you don’t miss out on a thing that stunning Sydney has to offer! First…Get Prepared Sydney traffic is pretty shocking and parking is expensive so to get the […]

The Freedom Travellers

How to Beat Jet Lag

jet lag noun noun: jet lag; noun: jetlag extreme tiredness and other physical effects felt by a person after a long flight across different time zones. Let’s face it, when adventuring to a new destination, nobody wants to suffer from jet lag. Who has time to be tired and out of sync in a new […]

The Freedom Travellers

12 Essential Travel Items

How do you know the travel bug has officially bitten you? Your most essential travel items are always packed ready for any trip. Or maybe, that’s just one of my weird quirks? So we often get asked what essential items we must have for a trip away. To be honest I only need two…my passport […]

Travelling Solo will change your life

Travelling Solo Will Change Your Life

Travelling solo in a foreign country was definitely not something I was keen for initially. However one day during my travels, I realised that I was by myself and loving it! I guarantee travelling solo will change your life! Just like it changed mine, and if you’re ready to take the plunge here’s my top […]