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Take Care Of Yourself This Summer With These Eating Tips

We are at the time of year when many, and let’s not forget that many, too, have an obsessive fever to lose the nearly five kilos that, on average, we accumulate during the winter. However, alarms and drastic measures are not at all beneficial for health, and less precisely with the arrival of heat when we must control food intake. They can harm not only our physique but also our mood. The body has needs that it is worth remembering to avoid health problems.

First of all, forget about the miracles in this effort to reduce sizes. But how to design a hypocaloric diet capable that helps us? In this context, there are foods that, due to their composition and characteristics, are exceptionally recommended, and others that are not.

Summer Eating Tips

  • Eat five times a day like in food tours but few amounts of food at each intake, the ideal: have breakfast, have something in the middle of the morning, eat, have a snack, and have dinner.
  • Make sure to eat two servings of vegetables and greens a day; for this, you will find salads great (remember that mixture is vegetable: lettuce, tomato, onion, cucumber?) A chicken salad with bacon with egg and mayonnaise has little green.
  • Do you opt for fruit, for dessert, between meals? Be careful and do not abuse because they have many calories, also opt for yogurt to kill the bug.
  • To eat, prepare a vegetable dish (gazpacho, salads, beans?), A meat fillet, fish, or an egg and accompany it with a cereal such as pasta, rice, potatoes (cooked or baked) and bread.
  • Eat little dinner and avoid cereals like pasta, rice, bread, or potatoes very late at night.
  • The delicious ice cream, the sweets, and the buns are not going to be your best friends, and you better say goodbye to them for a while. To cool off: ice tea, light soda, ice lollies, and slushies .be careful with the sugar they carry.
  • Hydration is vital: drink juices, water, infusions, and soft drinks, at all times, opt for those that do not have added sugars or what is called Light.
  • Be careful with the? Trickle? Spanish olive oil do not turn your salad into a soup, and it is very healthy but very caloric, dose it and avoid fritters such as batters, stir-fries and fried, they are not digested at all and also with the heat of the monitor, they do not feel like anything.

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