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Things to Consider When Choosing Titan Solar Generators

You should know that most solar generators tend to capture the sun’s energy by using specific panels, storing them in the battery, and inverting them into AC power you can use for daily activities.

The most important consideration when choosing this type of generators is the battery storage capacity and the energy usability. Remember that battery storage will allow you to use it at night, in specific periods.

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Battery Capacity

Batteries come in amp-hours, which means you can get a twelve-volt battery that features a hundred amp-hours. Since most power appliances and applications use wattage, it is challenging to determine particular usage times.

If we convert amp-hours to watt-hours, you will get the more clear perspective of battery rating.

The easiest way to do it by multiplying amp times with volts. Therefore, if a particular battery comes with a rating of 12-volts and 100 amp/hrs., it is 12*100 or 1200 watt-hours.

Still, you will not be able to use all watt-hours you calculated and measured. Based on the type of battery you choose, manufacturers state that you should use up to 2/3 of overall capacity to ensure durability and prevent a potential failure.

Providers such as Xoom Energy will provide you with solar energy plans that will help you lower your power bills drastically in the future.

If you drain batteries completely, they will break down as a result. The most popular option is lithium-ion batteries that feature a high amount of power, and you can drain them up to ten percent of capacity.

Since lithium features cheap price tags combined with a developing nature, it is the most common and popular solution you should consider.  When it comes to battery recommendations, the watt-hours of the system’s battery storage are transparent.

As soon as you calculate watt-hours, you will be able to determine longevity as well as how long you need to recharge it afterward.

Things to Consider:

  • It would be best to remember that most solar generators tend to overstate their battery capacities
  • Remember that watt-hours are an accurate measurement, which means that it will not provide you a comprehensive rating
  • We recommend you avoid batteries that feature lower than a thousand usable watt-hours.
  • At the same time, you should avoid buying ones that do not come with a transparent and accurate battery storage capacity

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Solar PV Input

Solar panels or PV input are the essential parts of a generator that will power it up using sun rays and energy. Therefore, you should get the one that comes with significant PV input that will provide you peace of mind regarding continuous usage and low recharging times.

The easiest way to find the best solar panels is by checking their watt-generation capacities. Therefore, if you see a 140-watt PV panel, it will generate approximately 140 watts of power during the full sun.

Since a full sun lasts approximately six hours daily, it means that you will get this particular amount of power during that time. Of course, the generator will use energy at other times, but with less rating and efficiency.

Choosing the one that features separate PV panels or a portable option comes with solar tracking. This particular feature means that panels move based on the sun to get efficient capture daily.

Remember that battery storage capacity is correlated with a PV input, mainly because the energy you get will store inside afterward. Therefore, you should determine when you need to recharge it to learn the best course of action.

If you purchase a generator that comes with six or fewer times for full-charge, you should find the one that features at least 2500 usable watt-hours. If you choose anything above or below, it will affect its efficiency and usability.

You should check out Titan generators to determine which ones are perfect for your particular requirements.

Do not charge your batteries to the maximum, you will reduce their longevity in the long run. At the same time, you will have a solid input so that you can use available sun hours and recharge it overnight.

Things to Consider

  • Some manufacturers are offering generators without proper panels, which is something you should avoid altogether. That way, you should avoid buying them from these companies.
  • If a particular generator requires plenty of time to recharge, it will be problematic to do it during cloudy and winter days. That way, you will not get a reliable model that will provide you with everything you wanted in the first place.


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