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Tips to get rental apartment in Bogota

If you are new in Bogota and you don’t have the idea where to live, then the rental apartments could be a great option to live in. There is the option of apartment rental Bogota short term as well as apartments for long term. This totally depends on how many days you are going to spend there. Mentioned below are some tips to get a rental apartment in Bogota:


Having an organized and well civilized neighbor is an important factor to focus while you are searching for a rental or permanent apartment. As Bogotá is said to be unsafe, then you must check the neighbor before going for the rental apartments. The things to consider are like parking facilities, supermarkets, etc. The best place to live in is Chapinero. This area has a younger population, great restaurants as well as the rent is much cheaper.


The Airbnb could be said as the best option to stay for a short term. However, the rent could be little expensive as compared to living for the long term but it is easily affordable. You would get everything you need like electricity, furniture, etc. All you have to do is just pay and start living.

Facebook groups

The facebook groups are like a goldmine to find a place for living in Bogota. Here you can get affordable rooms, apartments as well as the hotels. Most of the posts of these pages are likely to be for the short term rental apartments. You can easily get an apartment according to your choice.

Walk around

This could also be an effective option you want to spend more time in the searching of the desired apartment. You may just walk around and look for the rental apartments and rooms. But if you don’t have enough time for this, then the facebook group option is the best one.

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