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Top 3 Reasons North Carolina Is a Great Family Vacation Destination

If you’ve been searching for the perfect place to take your family for your next vacation and can’t decide between visiting the mountains, the beach or the city, you may want to consider adding North Carolina to your shortlist. Whether you’re looking for North Carolina beachfront rentals, sleek city lofts or picturesque mountain cabins, the Tar Heel State has something to offer everyone. Here are a few of the great reasons this seaside state could make the perfect location for your next family trip.

1. The Outer Banks Offer Peaceful Beauty

If you’re a beach bum, you’ll be thrilled to learn about the beautiful Outer Banks of North Carolina. These peaceful, sandy beaches are the location of the Wright Brothers’ first successful flight, and today serve streams of tourists looking for a laid-back, family-friendly spot to soak up the sun and enjoy the sounds of the crashing waves. While you’re there, consider visiting the famous Bodie Island Lighthouse, going kayaking, walking along the bountiful piers and boardwalks or taking your kids for a horseback ride through local nature.

2. The Blue Ridge Mountains Are Perfect for Hiking

While North Carolina may be most famous for its beaches, you may be surprised to learn that the western part of the state hosts some of the tallest Blue Ridge Mountains. In fact, Mount Mitchell is the tallest peak in eastern North America! This makes the area perfect for hiking and other outdoor activities like fishing, camping or just driving to a scenic overlook and enjoying the view. For a big-city break, stop by Charlotte or Asheville.

3. It’s Great for Road Trips

Finally, if you’d rather just throw your luggage in the car and hit the open road, North Carolina is perfect for an exciting, scenic road trip. The landscape of the state is varied, from tall mountains in the western part of the state to greenery, pine trees and rolling hills in the central area to sandy beaches on the eastern coast. This fascinating geography makes for scenic drives and fun, offbeat road trips any day.

Whether you’re hoping to enjoy the cultural attractions of a big city, the peace and quiet of the mountains or the relaxing sound of the waves at the beach, North Carolina has something to offer just about everyone. The next time you’re planning your family vacation, consider these great reasons to put the Tar Heel State on your list. It could be the perfect relaxing spot for you and your family!

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