London Must Do’s for a sunny day!

Call us crazy, but last year we moved our home base from Sydney to London for a 3 year adventure. Not only that but we now have a baby! Our son Jackson arrived in November 2018, so you could say things have changed quite a bit…more on that in another post. The weather is always […]



Say hello to selfie free holidays! We’ve travelled the world a few times over, both with modern technology and without. If you can remember back when you’d have to go to an internet café to send an email to your friends and family, you’ll also remember a time before smartphones and selfies. Well, we recently […]

21 Jobs for People Who Love To Travel


21 JOBS FOR PEOPLE WHO LOVE TO TRAVEL Since the launch of our recent e-book, How To Quit Your Job and Travel the World, we’ve been inundated with messages from you guys. We’ve heard some seriously cool stories from you about how you’re earning money as you travel and so we thought it would be […]


Your Kick Ass Travel Budget Calculator

So you’ve decided you want to travel more and work less, but there’s one thing holding you back. Money! Or should I say lack-of-money? With this in mind, we’ve created Your Kick Ass Travel Budget Calculator to help you get your finances in order.   There are a few tried and tested strategies in our […]

Best and worst luggage for travel

Best and worst luggage for travel

Luggage is something that, in our opinion, can make or break a trip. We’ve both travelled the world extensively and have definitely done our fair share of lugging a huge backpack around. Thankfully, those times are over for us. No more backpacks. Ever. In recent years, how we travel has changed and we’ve become much […]

Why you should travel the world right now

Why you should travel the world right now!

If you had a million bucks in the bank right now, what would you do with it? As we were strolling through our hood this morning on our way to get our caffeine hit – we’ve been away for 3 weeks so we may as well hook ourselves up to an IV coffee drip! – […]


5 Essential Travel Carry Ons

There are SO many blog posts out there with their ‘must have’ carry-on lists as long as your arm! I’m not sure about you, but what I’ve learned from travelling all over the world is that usually…LESS is MORE! Now, don’t get me wrong, I do like to travel with a fairly large suitcase (which […]

New travellers guide what you need to know before you go

New Travellers Guide: What you need to know before you go!

Thinking about taking the plunge, packing your bag and travelling around the world? But when you really start thinking about it, the prospect of the unknown freaks you out a bit? If you’re thinking about heading off on an adventure we’re guessing this scenario may sound familiar. You’re super excited to go…but all those ‘what […]

Results or Excuses? You Choose!

Results or Excuses? You Choose!

Since we posted about our experience with quitting alcohol for a year we’ve been inundated with emails and messages from lots of people interested in how we did it. One common theme seems to be the health side of things. Specifically, how we lost weight and got fit. I’d also like to pre cursor this […]

What not to pack for your next overseas trip

What NOT to pack for your next overseas trip

Our most common packing fails! People naturally assume that as we travel a lot, we have the whole packing thing down. This is just not true. In fact, I’ll go so far as to admit that we are TERRIBLE at packing! On our recent trip to Indonesia I realized just how bad we really are […]

Top Travel Hack for Cheap Hotel Prices

Top Travel Hack for Cheap Hotel Prices

Want to work less and travel more? Yup, so do we! Sharing is caring right, so we wanted to let you in on our top travel hack so you have more cash in your pocket when you’re travelling the world… As you guys know, spontaneity is our middle name! We rarely book our trips more […]

Staying Healthy While You Travel

Staying Healthy While You Travel

Staying fit and healthy while traveling does not need to be complicated. At the very least, all you’ll need is a healthy can-do attitude, a little bit of preparation and forward thinking and your sneakers. PLANE, TRAIN OR AUTOMOBILE Traveling to and from your destination can often be the first place in which you’ll come […]

5 Tips to Get Bikini Body Ready

5 Tips to Get Bikini Body Ready!

Now I’m no health professional, and I don’t pretend to be. What I definitely am though is a professional dieter! Since I was 14 I’ve always been on some kind of fad diet. Forever trying to lose those illusive ‘last 5 kilos’ I would be completely suckered in by magazine covers promising that the latest […]

Ultimate Carry On Packing List

The Ultimate Carry-On Packing List

Woo hoo! You’ve booked your next trip. The burning question is…what to pack?! When I first started travelling, the idea of what to take and (god forbid!) what to leave behind would be on my mind for days. Even worse…what bag(s) was I going to take? Would it be the right one? Would it be […]

The Freedom Travellers

How to Beat Jet Lag

jet lag noun noun: jet lag; noun: jetlag extreme tiredness and other physical effects felt by a person after a long flight across different time zones. Let’s face it, when adventuring to a new destination, nobody wants to suffer from jet lag. Who has time to be tired and out of sync in a new […]