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Traveling 101: What Are the Best Places to Stay On Vacation?

The world is waiting for you! 2.9 million Americans traveled internationally in March 2021. That’s nearly 1% of the country. 

You can travel abroad while remaining safe, as long as you plan ahead. One thing you need to consider is the places to stay on vacation. Without a place to stay and store your stuff, you won’t be comfortable.

What are the most popular places that people stay? What kinds of hotels and motel rockport tx should you look into? Where should you stay if you need a lot of room?

Answer these questions and you can have the vacation of your dreams. Here is your quick guide. 


Hotels are the most common places that people stay on vacation. You can get a room for yourself and your family with a private bathroom and sleeping area. If you get a suite, you can get a kitchen where you can prepare meals and store food. 

However, renting a hotel room can be extremely expensive, especially for a long vacation. You can try renting a motel room instead, though the quality of your room may be subpar. 

Look at different options for hotels while you are vacation planning. Hotels outside the city center tend to be less expensive than downtown hotels.

You can try living at an extended-stay hotel, which will let you stay in a room akin to an apartment. You may be able to receive housekeeping and other services at low prices.


Hostels are facilities where you can rent a bed for a few nights. The kitchen, bathroom, and lounge are open to everyone who uses the hostel, so you have less privacy. But you can save thousands of dollars and meet new people. 

As with hotels, you should look at your different options for hostels. Some facilities offer amenities like televisions and laundry machines, though you may need to pay for these. You can also find female-only hostels or hostels that serve LGBTQ+ people.

Home Rentals

Home rentals are best for long-term vacation planning. Vacation rentals will give you plenty of space to work and store your belongings. Each person in your group can have their own room to sleep in, though big rentals will cost a lot of money. 

Most rentals are in residential areas, which means they may be far from office buildings or downtown districts. Make sure you have a way of getting to your office from where you live. 

The Best Places to Stay On Vacation

The places to stay on vacation may surprise you. Many people think of hotels when they think of places to stay.

But hotels can be expensive and located in inconvenient locations. Motels and hostels are cheaper, though you should do your research to find a safe place. 

If you have a big group or plan on staying abroad for a month or longer, a home rental may be best. You should find a rental and a means of transportation into the city. 

Trip planning is more difficult than it seems. Read more vacation guides by following our coverage.

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