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Traveling in Style: Your Guide on How to Rent a Private Jet

Private jet travel is an ideal way for the well-heeled to get around, especially now when avoiding the crowds is a priority. During 2020, private jet rentals reached record highs, and currently boast a 100% retention rate for new customers.

Would you like to skip the line when it comes to jetting off on your travels? Keep reading to find out how to rent a private jet and fly in luxurious style.

What Are Your Options for Private Jet Rentals?

When you decide to go all out and charter a jet, you have three main options. You can work with a company that manages a portfolio of jets, or you can get in touch with a broker, who’ll search their database for flights on your behalf.

Alternatively, you could sign up for a jet card option that lets you pay toward your flights through a monthly subscription service. 

Booking Your Travels By Private Jet

Although some cheaper options have come to light in recent times, chartering a jet is still an expensive undertaking. The premium option is hiring the jet of our choice for your journey.

The further you need to go, the more you can expect to pay. With this option, you can also add extra luxury options like specialized catering or extra cabin staff, but you pay more for these privileges.

How to Rent a Private Jet and Save

Since private jet travel has become more prevalent, you can charter a jet much like you hire a commercial plane. This option lets you book a seat on a shared charter that’s traveling to your destination.

You’ll lose out on exclusivity when you go this route, but you’ll still skip the lines at the airport. 

If you still want the jet all to yourself, the best way to rent a private jet and save is by booking an empty leg flight. This means you’ll travel on a plane that’s returning to its origin after completing another private flight. 

Nowadays, many established jet charter companies let you rent a private jet with bitcoin or another cryptocurrency. When you rent a jet with cryptocurrency, you’ll save on hefty bank charges too. 

The Procedure for Booking a Jet

It’s easy to rent a private jet, no matter which of the above options you choose. You simply call up your preferred booking agent and log a request.

They’ll ask you about your preferences, arrange a flight for you and send you a quotation. Once you accept the quotation, you pay the required fee and receive confirmation of your booking.

If you don’t opt to rent a private jet with cryptocurrency, you can pay via wire transfer, via EFT, or with your credit card.

Spread Your Wings

Now that you know how to rent a private jet, the world’s your oyster. As long as you can afford it, you can go anywhere, anytime. You needn’t worry about crowds, lengthy airport processes, or delayed flights. Where will you jet off to next? Browse our blog for inspiration.

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