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Typical Solo Souvenirs That You Can Bring Home

I can’t lie, almost all of you must have heard this sentence when travelling. You also have to budget more funds to bring home gifts and distribute them. Well, when visiting Solo, it feels incomplete if you don’t buy souvenirs.

There are quite several gift shops that you can visit in Solo, one of which is Pasar Klewer. Well, if you’re playing Solo, you should take this souvenir home!

1. Serabi Notosuman

This snack is one of the most popular souvenirs in Solo. You don’t feel like going to Solo if you haven’t tried serabi as a traditional Solo dish. Surabi resembles a pancake with several flavors, such as cheese, banana, jackfruit, and others. However, Serabi Notosuman only has two variants, regular and chocolate. One of the serabi souvenirs that you can take home is on Jalan Moh. Yamin, No. 28, Solo.

 2. Petis Rambak

Rambak is made from cow or buffalo skin which is fried dry like crackers. It is savoury and has a slight spiciness. This snack is very delicious eaten together with petis. To get these souvenirs, you can come to Jagalan village, Jebres, Solo, a production site.

3. Abon Mesran

Made from chicken and beef, Abon Mesran is also suitable to take home. It also tastes delicious, delicious when eaten together with warm rice. You can find this culinary on Jalan Kalilarangan, Serengan, Solo.

4. Bakpia Balong

In Gudeg City, Solo also has bakpia with a distinctive taste, different from the one in Jogja. Here you can find Bakpia Balong has several flavours such as green beans, black beans, sticky rice, chocolate, etc. One of the locations is on Jl. Urip Sumoharjo, east of Pasar Gedhe.

5. Brem Solo

These souvenirs are made from fermented water tape. The taste is unique, cold, and melts in the mouth. Guaranteed you will like it. You can also easily find this snack. Almost all souvenir shops in Solo are available.

6. Ampyang

Maybe you also know this snack by gulang Kacang – one of the traditional foods in Solo. This preparation is made from brown sugar, peanuts and ginger. It tastes sweet and legit, plus there is a taste of ginger. It’s also effortless to find these souvenirs in Solo.

7. Serundeng

Serundeng is not only made from grated coconut but also uses meat in it. Srundeng is shaped like abon, and the taste is also very delicious, suitable to be eaten with hot rice. It is effortless to find this snack at all souvenir shops in Solo.

8. Ginger Sherbet

Ginger sherbet is a traditional drink of ginger and spices in Solo. Ginger sherbet is made in the form of large tablets. To make it, just put it in a glass and pour hot water. Without the need to add anything else to it, you can enjoy it right away. Drinking this can make the body warmer, perfect if the weather feels cold.

9. Ganep Kecik Bread

This bread made from glutinous rice flour tastes very savoury and sweet. Roti Kecik Ganep is also durable, so it’s perfect for your souvenirs. Usually, you need a warm tea as a friend to enjoy this dish when you are relaxing.

10. Clamp

This dish is also always available in all souvenir shops in Solo. Klengkam is another name for dried potatoes made with spices. Usually, this dish is a complement to food and can also be a snack while relaxing.

How do you know what souvenirs to take home? All of these culinary delights are very easy for you to find at the Solo souvenir centre scattered in corners of the city. Are you planning to visit Solo soon? Find out more about Solo and Indonesia by visiting Wonderful Indonesia.

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