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Ways to Celebrate Your Birthday During this Pandemic


Lots of people had to celebrate birthdays differently this year. It has been months since some form of a lockdown was in place, and things are yet to get better. Due to these health protocols, people couldn’t gather and celebrate. Birthday parties are virtually non-existent. However, just because there’s a pandemic doesn’t mean you can’t celebrate your birthday anymore. You can still try creative ways to celebrate this special occasion.

Have a virtual party

It seems like everything is happening through online platforms these days. You might as well have your party online. You can invite your friends to celebrate with you. They might not be physically present, but it can still be a fun party. Don’t forget to thank them for taking some time out to enjoy the day with you. It’s a unique way to celebrate and is worth the try.

Rent a place for a staycation

The most important people to celebrate your day with are your family. It doesn’t matter where you are as long as you’re together. If you don’t want to have celebrations at home, another option is to find large houses to rent. You might already feel fatigued, not leaving your house, and you finally have a reason to do so. You can also enjoy lots of amenities that you probably don’t have at home. You will feel pleased with this option since it’s safe, and you can do it with family members.

Travel somewhere alone

Sure, travelling to other places is still impossible right now, considering various restrictions. However, some areas already have relaxed restrictions. You can take advantage of the chance and go there. Perhaps, being at home for the past few months already made you feel exhausted. Having the chance to travel to other places alone is the break that you deserve to have. Your family will understand your decision if it will make you happy. It’s also at this moment when you need to find yourself and come out as a better person once the pandemic is over.

Donate to charitable organisations 

Perhaps, you can let go of the celebrations this year considering what’s happening. Instead of having big celebrations, you can donate your money to charitable organisations. If you feel terrible right now, other people are in a much worse situation. You’re lucky if you still have enough savings to get you through this difficult time. You can donate money to help those who are barely surviving. In doing so, you will still feel satisfied. It might not be the birthday you expected, but it will still be worth doing.

Nothing seems normal due to this virus, and your birthday isn’t the same. Instead of complaining about it, you can think of all the good things you happened this year. Imagine those who lost their lives or became severely ill. Others even lost their jobs due to the closure of businesses. If you’re not in that situation right now, you have a lot to be thankful for. It could even be your best birthday ever.


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