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What Are Actions And How Are They Used In Photo Editing?

If you use any design program regularly, you should already know photo actions, one of the tools that can facilitate the workflow the most, allowing you to apply long chains of effects with a single click.

In this post, we will learn how to load, organize and use these actions in a very simple and fast way so that you can use whatever you find or create.

What Are The Actions In Photo Editing?

In case you do not know them yet, actions are a series of steps that have been recorded and then can be played automatically. Visit

Putting a simple example, imagine that you have to do the task of resizing, renaming a layer, applying levels and saving, all in a multitude of photos. With actions, record it the first time and then just hit play to save you from doing all the work again.

Why Using Actions Will Help You

When you install an action in an editing software, you are not only managing to speed up your work rate, but you are also assimilating techniques and experience directly from the person who created it.

You can avoid all the time of trial and error until you find the point you are looking for, simply by clicking a button and letting everything flow. And best of all, not only do you get the result, but you can also learn new details by looking at the list of steps your action follows.

How To Use Actions

Well, now that you have them installed, it is time to use your new actions. Depending on the action, you may need certain prerequisites, such as having the base layer called “Background”, selecting a particular layer. If necessary, these details are usually told in the instructions that the actions themselves have. Go to

If it is a filter, it will normally be placed on the layer you want to modify and then, at the bottom of the action window, press the play button. You will immediately see how all the instructions on the list will be carried out, and in the blink of an eye, you will have everything applied.

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