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What Are the Benefits of Long Term Airport Parking?

Parking your vehicle at the airport is a convenient way to get from A to B and back again. The idea of airport parking first premiered in Cleveland in the 1950s.

Today, flyers worldwide choose long term airport parking thanks to its many benefits.

Read on to discover the airport parking benefits you’ll get when you take this option for your next flight.

Long Term Airport Parking Guide

There are two main types of long term airport parking: on-site and off-site. With on-site parking, you’ll park and leave your vehicle at the airport’s parking lot.

Rates for on-site parking vary depending on the airport and its policies. You’ll receive a tag or ticket to put in your window. This shows staff that you paid for the parking while your car sits in the lot.

Off-site parking requires you to leave your car at another location. These lots aren’t owned by the airport, but they’re usually nearby. Off-site companies may offer a valet or shuttle service to take you from their lot to the airport terminal.

Airport Parking Advantages

There are several airport parking benefits when you choose this option. First, you’ll be able to drive home right after your plane arrives back at the airport.

If you need Newark airport long term parking, for example, services include a valet to and from the airport to help you save time. Be sure to look at all of your options when choosing off-site parking.

An Easier, Cheaper Experience

If you live far away from the nearest airport, it costs much less to drive your own car than it does to take a cab. Cab fare to and from an airport can be quite a hefty expense. Choosing long term airport parking means you can simply get in your vehicle, and head home right away without high fees and tips.

You can also take your time when you choose airport parking. Rather than rushing to get a cab or use an app, you can wait till you’re ready to make the trip home. You’ll also be able to return home at your own pace.

Peace of Mind

You might worry about leaving your car parked at an airport for a long stretch of time. Airport parking lots are well-lit and most have cameras and 24-hour security.

Some airports have parking garages, which means your vehicle will be protected from the weather while you’re away. You should still lock your car, but airport parking lot security can give you peace of mind that your belongings are safe.

Choose Airport Parking for Your Next Trip

From saving money to a stress-free experience, long term airport parking has lots of benefits. Consider choosing this option for your next trip and see how much more convenient it is for you.

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