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What Is The Difference Between A Single Trip And Annual Travel Insurance In Singapore?

A reliable travel insurance coverage can protect you in the event of a wide range of scenarios, from the relatively minor to the life-threatening ones, including everything in between. It may be anything as insignificant as having your baggage postponed overnight. In this case, you would have no choice but to spend the night wearing the same clothing you wore throughout the travel. It’s also possible that the situation is exceedingly bad, and emergency medical assistance is required. When it comes to Singapore, you should always buy travel insurance cover Singapore.

These days, coverage for Covid-19 is included as standard, with the vast majority of travel insurance policies sold in Singapore. If you contract Covid-19 while you are traveling, this indicates that you will be able to claim your travel insurance. Do choose the best covid travel insurance Singapore available to you.

It would be best if you always have insurance, including everything from misplaced and delayed belongings, travel cancelations, all the way up to medical care, medical assistance, and even evacuation in case of extreme sickness or death. Naturally, the claim limitations for each of these distinct scenarios are different.

Travel insurance will reimburse any deposits you make if your travel agency goes out of business or your bank account is used illegally while you are away from home. The greatest aspect is that you may obtain insurance coverage at a reasonable cost and with little effort.

What is the difference between a single trip and annual travel insurance in Singapore?

Depending on how frequently you travel and how far you go, it may be beneficial to look into purchasing yearly travel insurance for your protection.

The payment for annual travel insurance is usually fixed, covering all of your trips during the full year. You should only consider purchasing it if you travel somewhat frequently because it typically costs between $200 and $300 annually. It only makes good sense if you are planning to travel internationally at least six to seven times every year, at the very least.

By purchasing an annual coverage, you will save financially if you are a regular traveller and eliminate the need to spend time and energy purchasing insurance each time you fly internationally. Similarly, for travel insurance for a short journey, you should examine the many policies available on the internet before making a final decision.

Some things to keep in mind:

Instead of purchasing travel insurance for each trip, frequent travellers may find it more cost-effective to purchase a policy that covers numerous journeys under a single umbrella, known as an annual insurance policy. Purchasing an annual insurance plan may, in most cases, result in a financial gain, and the cost savings that result from doing so can be substantial for those who travel on many occasions throughout the span of a single year.

There is a distinction between an insurance plan that covers numerous destinations and one that covers several trips. Suppose you leave your primary location for a trip, come back at a certain time, stay for a while until traveling again, and continue that process multiple times over the span of a year. This means you are traveling on an annual trip basis. A standard comprehensive travel insurance policy might provide coverage for a single journey that includes many stops at different locations.

Other important things

  • Plans that cover many trips may only be purchased on an annual basis and have a diverse selection of inclusions and exclusions.
  • You can purchase an annual travel healthcare plan, which offers coverage for emergency medical treatment and evacuation to a treatment facility that is suitable for your condition on each of your travels.
  • You also have the option of purchasing annual trip evacuation-only policies, which will give you coverage in the event that you require emergency medical evacuation.
  • Annual plans do not come with comprehensive coverage, including benefits for trip termination, disruption, and transportation delay.
  • There will be restrictions, exclusions, and variances in coverage across plans and suppliers of annual trip insurance, just as there are with any travel insurance plan.
  • Do an in-depth study on your available choices and ensure that the annual travel insurance package you’re contemplating purchasing is the best alternative to meet your requirements before making a final decision.


Singapore is one of the most happening countries in the world, right. Don’t make the wrong decision and opt for travel insurance, whether a single trip or annual. If you think of it as a travel insurance annual promotion, it does seem like the better option. That’s because it is. Use these tips and have the best time during vacations.

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