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What to Bring on a Fall Biking Trip

When the heat of the summer starts to fade away, outdoor activities become more pleasant and rewarding. Autumn is the ideal time to head out on a relaxing bicycle trip with your family or friends. You can ride farther and expend less energy in fall temperatures, and you don’t have to worry about flying insects as much. Whether you’re riding a long distance or going on a short ride, preparation is vital for an enjoyable outdoor experience. You can find out what to bring on your fall trip in these passages.

Packing for a Fall Trip

When you’re planning the route of your bike trip, look for trails or roads with fewer vehicles and pedestrians. You can ride faster when you have the road to yourself. However, fall weather brings more people outside, and you may have to start your ride early to avoid traffic. When you’re packing for the trip, try to keep it light. You can store your supplies in a small backpack or use a women’s bicycle with basket. Here are some of the essential items to bring.

Autumn clothing

When you’re biking early in the day or close to dusk in fall, you’ll need a light jacket or sweatshirt. The autumn winds can make a ride feel cooler, and you can use a sock hat to keep your head warm. Keeping a light raincoat is also helpful if you’re caught in a storm. If it’s too cool for biking shorts, you can wear biking pants or yoga pants.

First Aid

A first aid kit loaded with alcohol swabs, bandages and gauze are easy to store and carry on a short trip. When you’re several miles from your house, a fall or minor accident can cause cuts or abrasions that need immediate attention.

Food and water

Carry snacks like granola bars or energy bars and bring enough water for your group; young children dehydrate at a faster rate and require more water than adults.

Phone and GPS

Carrying a cellphone is excellent for background music and contacting help in an emergency, but your trip can take you into an area without cellular service. On longer trips in more isolated areas, you can pack a GPS device to find your way in case you get lost. GPS products function without using cellular towers.


If your group rides sixthreezero electric bikes on extended trips, you can pack an extra battery if you plan on traveling past the bike’s range.

Fall Biking Gear To Bring Along

Whether you’re going on a day trip or need to know how to plan a bikepacking trip, you’ll need the right gear for a safe journey. Regardless of your age or the laws in your city, the most critical part of your gear is your helmet. Find a helmet that fits snug but doesn’t feel constricting. Some of the other equipment you’ll need include:

  • Portable bike pump
  • Padded biking pants or exercise pants
  • Reflectors for the front and rear tires
  • Bike lights
  • Fenders
  • Drink holder

Before riding, check your chain for corrosion and inspect your brakes for worn pads or discs. If your tires are low and you’re unsure how much to inflate them, you can check the printing on the tire’s rim for the manufacturer’s recommendation. When you need equipment, biking advice and new bicycle releases, you can visit an online bicycle distributor.

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