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Why We Love Byron Bay

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When I think about Byron Bay a few things come to mind. Beautiful sunsets, the best raw food in the world (big call but it’s true!), seriously chilled vibes and epic surf spots.

You can imagine how shocked I was to discover that Elaina had never been to Byron Bay despite living in Australia for most of her life. There was only one thing for it…pack up the car for a ROAD TRIP!

One of my favourite things is a good road trip, so armed with a serious supply of snacks and with our driving tunes at the ready we set off on the 10 hour drive from Sydney to Byron Bay.

Whatever you may have heard about Byron Bay, it has to be on your list if you’re planning on visiting Australia. It’s a must on the tourist trail for backpackers, that’s pretty obvious, but it also makes for an awesome short break for us Aussie residents too.

Here’s a few of the reasons why we LOVE Byron Bay…and why we’ll be heading back over and over!

Raw Food

Byron_Bay_Food_Square_1In fact, just make that foodie heaven! Byron Bay has to be one of the best places for awesome eats in Australia. You name it, this place has it.

For those health conscious travellers Byron Bay has some seriously amazing vegan and raw food cafes that you must check out. Our favourite is Naked Treaties. They do incredible salads and even more incredible raw desserts. Yum!

For your morning kombucha or wheatgrass hit head to Fundies on the main street of Byron Bay. We were frequented this place everyday during our stay. Great place to stock up on all your healthy goodies.

We also discovered a vegan friendly Mexican restaurant, I know right, who knew that Mexican food without the cheese even existed!?! Miss Margarita is a happening little spot super close to the beach with awesome vibes and the staff are super lovely too!

Beaches and Surf

ByronBay_Square_1Australia is known all over the world for it’s pristine beaches and epic surf and Byron Bay is no exception.

Main Beach is the beach right in front of Byron Bay town. This is the perfect place to pitch up and watch the sunset on the rocks listening to the beats of the local musicians that hang down there. Seriously chilled out vibes here.

Clarkes Beach is just down from Main Beach and is great for windsurfing, body boarding and simply hanging out on the sand. Humpback whales make the journey back to the Antarctic past this spot so watch out for them in winter!

The Pass is the place if you want to surf in Byron Bay. It’s the most popular surf spot in town so as you can imagine it gets super busy down here. If you’re a beginner be sure to take a lesson if you can, especially if you’ve never surfed in Australia before.

Wategos Beach was our favourite spot in Byron Bay. This super sheltered little beach is the perfect place for relaxing in the sunshine and enjoying a picnic or BBQ. We spotted a pod of dolphins playing in the surf here which is always a bonus!

Cosy Corner is another great spot to hang out with friends. We were lucky to have a bunch of friends who threw a beach party down there one night so it was dancing under the stars to some awesome tunes that made it pretty special for us. Watch out for the strong rips here if you’re planning on going for a swim.

Walks and Wildlife

ByronBay_Square_2There is so much to do in Byron Bay and the surrounding areas so if chilling on the beach isn’t your style head out into nature and explore.

Cape Byron Lighthouse is the most easterly point of Australia and a hike up there makes for some pretty amazing view, great vantage point for photos!

There is an abundance of wildlife and rainforest in this area. We were staying at an Airbnb just out of town which was in the thick of the rainforest and the perfect place to spot owls and koalas on our walk home in the evening.

Want to explore further? A bus trip out to Nimbin is a firm favourite for backpackers. Crystal Castle and Shambhala Gardens (20 minutes by car from Byron Bay) are a must see for those wanting to reconnect with nature.

Breakfast and Coffee

Byron_Bay_Food_Square_3Anyone who knows us, know how much we LOVE breakfast and coffee. Byron Bay didn’t disappoint us with it’s offerings.

Roadhouse was just around the corner from where we were staying and the guys here really looked after us. The nourishing brekkie bowl was soooooo good! Excellent coffee too.

Topshop Byron Bay is also a great little place to grab a coffee or a smoothie with a spot of brekkie. Their quinoa toast with tahini, banana and trail mix was pretty damn amazing!

Another place we didn’t get to try but is on the list for next time was Bayleaf Cafe, by all accounts it’s one of the top picks for poached eggs in town!

So there you have it, just a few reasons to fall in love with Byron Bay…and we really did!

Been to Byron Bay and have an experience you just have to share with everyone? Comment below…we love to hear your suggestions.

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