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Why You Need to have a Photo Book

Taking pictures has never been so easy, whether with your camera, but also with your smartphone. Still, it is a safe bet that for many of us, they will die on our hard drive, or worse staying on memory cards. At best the best will go to Facebook / Instagram.

A photo album to remember past events

Making a fotobok is ultimately like making a souvenir album, it’s part of our family traditions. We are convinced that your parents made photo albums retracing your childhood, or at least the strongest moments. And you undoubtedly enjoyed the moments spent looking at the photos of your first steps, your first vacations, or even your first silly things.

All of these moments are important and must be perpetuated. Every family story deserves to be eternal. This is why a photo book is the best legacy there is. So why, under the pretext of being in the digital age, should we stop.

Life is made up of events, and it’s important to make memories. Even if we have memory, remembering past events by means of photography is much more visual and above all moving.

Because it’s nicer than a screen

Looking at photos on a computer, on your phone, is often our daily life. But frankly it’s nice to be able to consult them on paper. Imagine yourself comfortably on your sofa surrounded by your loved ones discovering or rediscovering all these wonderful memories of travel, of the youngest’s first steps, etc.

With a photo book, your photos are close at hand. No need to turn on the computer or the television, even less to get lost in the folders and sub-folders. Once personalized, your photo book will inevitably find its place in the family library.

A photo book is a great gift idea

And why not give a photo book? If by tradition family photo albums are often made by parents, the photo book is a great gift idea whether it is for grandpas and grandmas, who are just waiting for that, but also for friends to retrace common moments.A photo book is also a very personal gift, made 100% with the heart.

Make a photo book, helps you progress

Making a photo book is also an opportunity to sort and highlight your photos, to show them to others and therefore subject them to external criticism.

You don’t necessarily think about it, but to make a photo book, you have to force yourself to make a selection of your best photos, and that alone is a very interesting exercise.

Making a photo book is easy

The photo book is the perfect way to share your memories with your family and friends. Completely customizable, it allows you to relate your memories in pictures. You can even put a few words in it to tell your story. Many laboratories offer to make your photo books, for example Pixum,  Cewe Photo. They all offer customizable books in different formats.

To make your choice from a multitude of online laboratories, consider looking at  the price comparison  for photo books.

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