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Why Your Next Vacation Should Be a Cruise Holiday

If you’ve dismissed a

Inside Passage Cruise ak holiday because it doesn’t seem a good fit, think again. Cruises give the experience of a lifetime and take all the stress of traveling off your shoulders.

For the same cost as some round-trip flights, you could travel, sleep, eat, and explore new places you might never have thought accessible.

Still not convinced? We’ll give the top five reasons you should consider booking a cruise ship vacation.

Travel Made Fun

We’ve all been on that flight. Stuffy, recirculated air, turbulence, the seat next to you occupied by someone who isn’t afraid of invading your personal bubble. You could avoid that unpleasant experience and opt for a road trip, but those come with inconvenient bathroom breaks, highway road work, and boredom.

When you take a cruise, the journey to your ultimate destination is part of the vacation, not just a means to an end. Cruise ships are big for a reason: so they provide you with plenty of ways to maximize your vacation. As you travel you can swim, work out, see a show, or relax and enjoy the view of the ocean.

Inland Adventures

Traveling by cruise ship is only half the vacation, you also get to disembark and explore the ports at which your ship stops. Cruise lines will provide excursions led by cruise-approved entities for an extra fee at each stop. These excursions could be snorkeling, hiking, sigh-seeing tours, or other location-specific opportunities.

Skip the Hassle

Cruises make travel convenience their utmost priority. The only time you need to worry about customs and digging out your passport is when you first board the ship and when you return afterward. Once you are a verified passenger of the cruise ship you need only provide your cruise ID during your cruise holiday.

Endless Destination Options

If you’ve only ever thought cruises stick to warm climates, you are in for a surprise. As the cruise industry has evolved, more diverse locations have become available.

Avoid the heat of summer by taking a cruise to Antarctica to see glaciers and penguins. Alaskan cruises are popular for the breathtaking mountain scenery, Northern Lights, and wildlife. A European cruise or river cruise down the Nile will take you to places you may have only dreamed you could visit.

Unbeatable Value

Cruises offer a packed itinerary, comfortable lodging, food options, and activities all bundled in one price. If you book your vacation during wave season for cruises (essentially Black Friday for cruise lines) you can save even more money.

Book Your Cruise Holiday Today

If you’ve never been on a cruise holiday before, by now you should have a better idea why so many people enjoy them. If you’re ready to plan your next vacation, try a cruise this time. Even using the bare minimum of the cruise’s amenities provides you with a relaxing time off work.

For more tips on how to make the most of your vacation, check out our travel archive.

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